Spring is finally here, which means it’s time to start reevaluating our closets and our wardrobe. My first tip for anyone starting a spring capsule wardrobe is to start this season by decluttering your current wardrobe. Get rid of the items that no longer fit you or won’t be surviving another season. This will give you fresh eyes for your spring wardrobe and allow you to make better decisions. Here are a few of my best capsule wardrobe tips for spring!


Tips for a Spring Capsule Wardrobe

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Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Layers are Your Friend

We have officially hit that time of year where it is bitter cold in the morning, warm enough to sweat in jeans, and cool enough at night to need a jacket. This can make preparing an outfit for the day near impossible! If you don’t want to have to put on two different outfits every day, make layers your best friend! Layers allow you to prepare for the cold while being able to take them off when the weather heats up.

Add in Some Florals

Swap some of your solid and striped print for bright florals this spring! Florals can be a great way to add some new textures and designs to your wardrobe to brighten it up for spring. Pairing a floral dress, like this one, with a solid scarf and jacket can easily help you achieve your layered look while creating an elegant spring look when you need to delay your clothing.

Go for Longer Maxi Dresses Over Sundresses

As we mentioned earlier, you are unlikely to find a situation in which you won’t find yourself cold in a sundress. Instead, opt for longer maxi dresses that are lightweight but will keep your legs warm during the cool periods of the day. You can add a jacket on colder days or even tights underneath if needed.

Incorporate Pops of Color into Your Wardrobe

Spring is usually associated with bright colors. If you want to add a spring touch to your wardrobe, consider adding a pop of color to your clothing. Accessories are a great area to add more colorful pieces but don’t be afraid to add a green blouse or a yellow shirt to the mix. Make sure to choose colors that go with the pants and skirts that you already have to make sure that you can easily put together multiple outfits without issue. Don’t underestimate the power of blush and white to add some color to an otherwise dull outfit.

Transition Your Heavy Garments for Lighter Pieces

It’s time to swap your bulky sweaters and jackets for lightweight blouses and lighter jackets. If you live in an area that has a colder spring, consider keeping a few heavier pieces just in case. However, you can go ahead and pack up these items until next winter if you’re ready to transition your wardrobe into spring fully.


As warmer weather approaches, make sure you keep these tips handy for preparing your capsule wardrobe for spring! While you will need to make adjustments to your wardrobe, these tips will ensure your clothes are spring capsule wardrobe ready! 

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