If you’re a mom, you may have what I like to call the mom pouch. It’s that squishy lower belly area where we have stretch marks, extra skin and fat. Like thanks for that kids. If you’re like me, you don’t necessarily want to draw attention to it when you’re getting dressed either. Keep reading for my go to tips and tricks for how to dress with a mom belly!

Dressing a millennial mom bod
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How to Dress with a Mom Belly


Wear High(er) Waisted Pants

My first tip for how to style a mom belly is to skip the low rise pants of the early 00s. When you’ve got all the extra going on around your midsection, pants that cut right into that won’t be the most comfortable. Skip the 2001 Christina Aguilera jeans and check out midrise or high rise jeans, like these from Old Navy or these from Madewell. They’ll keep it all smoothed down, so you’ll look good and feel good too!

How to dress a mom pooch

Make sure your clothes are the right size

I know this one sounds obvious, but it’s easy to grab something too small or too big and just try to deal with it. But if you’re wearing something too small, you’re going to be uncomfortable. If it’s too big, it may make you feel just as uncomfortable. It can be hard buying a size (or two or three) up from what you may have been pre-baby, but it’s OK. That size is does not define you. Dress your size and you’ll feel like a million dollars when you look in the mirror.

Wear the right undergarments

Wearing the right undergarments is key to a smooth fit! If you’re wearing old, ratty underwear that’s either too small or too big… well, you’ll be able to see those lines through your clothes. And let’s be honest, you’ll be uncomfortable too. Soma has some great basics, with their vanishing edge with a variety of cuts. I personally think the vanishing edge hipster is perfect, but their vanishing tummy brief with lace is great too.


How to dress a mom belly

Wear fabrics with more give

This tip may sound a bit random, but wear pants, skirts, etc with fabric that have a bit more stretch. They’ll not only feel more comfortable, but they’re more forgiving when it comes to our bodies. If you’re looking for something to help keep you ‘sucked in’ I’d recommend wearing Skims or Spanx underneath your outfit. They’ll smooth you out while keeping you comfortable.


Look for A-line or other similar cuts

A-line dresses have that perfect fit and flare, where it’s fitted from shoulder to waist, then flare out. Some lightly skim over your hips, while other versions are even looser. Wrap dresses are also a great option as they highlight your waist and are not super snug on your hips. For me, personally, if a dress is “too” tight, it’s not comfortable and is too snug on my lower belly… Thus why I always recommend A-Line cut dresses. I’m personally loving this dress from Draper James, along with this one. Petal & Pup always has a fabulous selection of dresses too. I love this wrap dress that comes in 12+ colors.

No matter your size or age, every mom deserves to feel amazing. I hope these simple tips help you feel more stylish and confident so you can rock your amazing mom bod, belly pooch and all!

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