The home is where most families spend a great deal of their time. Making your home beautiful, and functional at the same time is key to creating a cozy yet relaxing environment. Below are some easy to implement tips to create both a beautiful and practical space.

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beautiful and functional home

Creating a beautiful and functional home

Get Rid Of Boundaries

A great way to make a home beautiful, and put your stamp on it is to open up the rooms, and throw convention and boundaries to the wind! If you want to have a couch in the dining room, making it a cozier place for your family to spend time, then by all means put one in there.

In older homes, space is often chopped up. By eliminating an unnecessary wall (maybe one between a kitchen and dining room), you can open up spaces, and make your home look and feel bigger. Let your family determine where and how you want things. Only you know what space your family uses and what they use those spaces for. Put those spaces to good use. Obviously that’s not practical if you rent or just don’t want to. In that case, rearranging to make your space flow better is key.

Accessorize With Color

An easy and low cost fix to a white walled room that seems to lack inspiration is to accessorize with color. Sometimes you want your walls, cabinets, etc. to be white in order to bring in sunlight and appear bright, but this can have a bland feel if you are not careful.

Bright accessories, even in the kitchen (consider open faced cabinets with brightly colored dishes), can make a room feel warm and inviting. Easy ways to add color to any room- wall art, throw pillows, blankets, and plants. You can order them online or even head to your local thrift shop to find them.

collage of home items to create Beautiful and functional home

Be Bold

The two areas in your home that can withstand a bold touch are your walls and window treatments. Consider putting a bright wallpaper or liner in shelves, paint an accent wall, or use a striking pattern with your window treatments to create focus while also encouraging cohesion.

What’s been popular as of late is painting walls a matte black. It’s a big change but makes colors POP!

Minimize Clutter

You want to live in your home, and have the rooms contain the things you need, but you don’t want to turn into a hoarder. In order to have both beautiful and functional living spaces, you want to invest in attractive containers, baskets, and the like to help contain the items you need in the room. I love this stand to help organize in the kitchen.  In addition, evaluate what you really need, and what is just excess.

Get rid of any of the things that are just creating clutter and not adding value to your space. Go through those old bookshelves and closets to donate or resell what you don’t need or use anymore. A major pro to that is not only cleaning out clutter but you can recoup some money too!

collage of pillows, plants., and storage to create Beautiful and functional home

A Beautiful Home Is Within Reach

With just a little time, organization, a cohesive theme, and keeping the family and their needs in mind, a beautiful and functional home is easily within reach. Make every space usable, but also a space you want to be in because it looks and feels great. Spend your money on things that will make the biggest impact, such as a fabulous window treatment. And do not fill your home with so much stuff that you can’t enjoy the beauty of the home itself. Easier said than done, right? Put it on the calendar to do a quarterly clean out to maintain your organization and you’ll always ensure your home stays the way you’d like!


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