The term “Coastal Grandmother” was recently coined on TikTok and women of all ages everywhere have been replicating the look. So, here are some pieces and tips! to help you establish that look effortlessly!

So….What is Coastal Grandmother Style? This aesthetic is based off of the clean and classic style of middle-aged, wealthier women living in oceanfront homes. Think Diane Keaton in the Hamptons, that old money aesthetic. The style is typically flowy, with muted colors that would look great on a beach.

Coastal Grandmother Style

collage of coastal grandmother style

*This post was originally published June 2022, but has been updated with current links as of May 2023. Some items may not match the current collage.

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Let’s start with tops! Classic button-downs have been trending for a few years now; people are being even as bold as to style them with biker shorts and a belt bag. The oversized look is in when you add flattering features like slim-fit jeans. You can also tuck a good oversized button-down into a high-waisted tailored slim-fit short, especially if it has a bloomy leg line. Other options to achieve the look are affordable cashmere sweaters with shorts or your favorite sweater vest with your denim.

When it comes to bottoms, linen pants are a must to achieve the coastal grandmother style! Jeans are also great when they’re paired with the right top, and high-waisted shorts are another way to achieve the look.

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Accessorize to complete the style! Grab a fun scarf like this one, a beach hat, and a pair of platform sandals. Leather (and faux leather) sandals are also very in, and I love the look of these faux leather sandals.

You have to grab a beach bag, of course! Coastal grandmother style wouldn’t be its full potential without a canvas tote or muted floral bag. Toss everything from your beach essentials to daily must-haves in a large tote that you can throw over the shoulder effortlessly.

So there you have it! A few essentials to get started on the coastal grandmother style trend! What are your thoughts on the trend so far? I personally adore it!

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