Another TikTok viral aesthetic happening right now – “Clean Girl Aesthetic” – has a neutral 90s prep feel, and I am here for it! The style is being recreated on so many accounts, so I pulled together some staple items that are perfect for establishing the “Clean Girl Aesthetic” in your own closet.

Clean Girl Aesthetic by definition focuses on the basics of a wardrobe. Simple, neutral tops, high-rise straight-leg pants, oversized blazers, button-ups, and sweatshirts.

Clean Girl Aesthetic

collage of clothes for clean girl aesthetic style

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As always, let’s start with tops/bodysuits! Like I said above, stick with neutrals. This oversized button-up top can be used to create so many outfits. You can wear it on its own or throw it over a simple bodysuit with a pair of high-rise straight-leg jeans to truly emulate the “Clean Girl Aesthetic”!

Another great layering option is a blazer or sweatshirt (tied around your shoulders, of course!) Typically, you will see a blazer paired with a crop top, linen pants, and sneakers in a true “Clean Girl Outfit”.

The best part about this aesthetic? It’s truly best to keep things basic and neutral which means every item is interchangeable with each other. Including the accessories! A leather tote is a must-have for completing the look along with a pair of gold hoops. Seriously, you can wear these every day and never have to worry about finding new accessories that match each outfit. It’s a dream come true!

Finally, no outfit is complete without a pair of shoes. You probably already have a pair of white sneakers in your closet, but you’ll also need to grab a pair of neutral sandals depending on where you’ll be heading each day.

collage of clothes for clean girl aesthetic style inspirations

I pulled together a mood board to help you visualize the “Clean Girl Aesthetic” while shopping for these products! In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the other trending aesthetic happening now: Coastal Grandmother Style!

Have you tried either of these new aesthetics out this summer? Let me know below!

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