Nap dresses are all the rage this spring and summer! Not only are they so cute, but they’re also comfortable and flattering on any body type! There is a myriad of different options when it comes to nap dresses: solid, patterned, mini, midi, or maxi. You can choose between sleeveless or puffy sleeves, square or collared necklines, and or choose between ones with details like tie-waists or buttons! Here are a few of my favorite options!

Hill House prides itself on creating the original nap dresses. The smocked midi dress style is becoming increasingly more popular so there are currently so many options on their website! I love this floral blue print in the classic nap dress style, and this navy blue buttoned-down one has a high collar for an extra classy look! If you’re feeling even more festive, this retro pink print is perfect!

Draper James and J Crew were two brands to quickly follow the trend! Both have nap dresses that are fun and flowy, and I absolutely love this blue-smocked option or this pink striped option! 

If you’re looking for a dress with sleeves that have an extra touch of puff, this orange floral dress is perfect! It definitely has a Kentucky Derby or Southern charm feel to it! This white cover-up also has a southern charm feel to it, and it’s lightweight enough for extra hot days!

Have you tried the nap dress style yet?! It’s definitely a piece of clothing that will make you feel both cute and comfy! Most styles are flowy, which means even on summer’s hostess days, you’ll feel cool. Most also aren’t so form-fitting that you can add a pair of biker shorts underneath, especially if you’re up and down a lot with little ones! Let me know in the comments below what you think of this style that’s everyone this season!

And for more summer fashion, see my favorites under $40 here!

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