The coastal grandmother design aesthetic is the perfect mix of a relaxed environment with touches of chic vintage pieces. There are several different variations of this style, which can easily be implemented into your living spaces.

My vision for this space doesn’t stray far from traditional beach house themes with glowing neutrals highlighted by natural light with blue and tan accents. The trick is to add a few vintage and vibrant touches that bring a homey feeling. Here are some of my favorite coastal grandmother home decor pieces.

Coastal Grandmother Home

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Coastal Decor Elements

You don’t need to live by the beach to make your space feel like a relaxing getaway. Typically when I think of the seaside, I’m reminded of woven materials and tons of driftwood. This Rattan Glass Vase is the perfect touch; there are many ways to style this in your home. For a hint of blue, this Oceanic Candle Holder is ideal for your console or coffee table. Then, of course, we need the subtle beachy throw pillows on the sofas like these classic blue & white pleated covers.

Grandmother’s Neutral Furniture

Finding the perfect mix of timeless and modern pieces is the key to achieving this look. A trendy choice for your living room is a large linen sofa; keep it neutral. But for a timeless touch, you can add this Westchester Fringe Ottoman. The fringe is just up a grandmother’s alley. Another piece that has both coastal and grandmother features is this Accent Chair. The chair’s frame is very traditional, but the linen stripes make this a perfect coastal piece. Any wooden coffee table would fit right into this space. However, this Round Nesting option is my favorite because of the rattan top.

Grandma Hits The Waves

When I think of my grandmother’s chic but elaborate style, I am almost always reminded of something similar to this Chinoiserie Ceramic Lamp. Her home always has sentimental features like photos of family and adventures. A gallery wall with wooden frames is the perfect way to modernize this space to fit the coastal scene. Books are a great way to decorate every corner of your home, and I love this Three Piece Set for this design. Last but not least, I love the neutral color pattern and texture of this Morrocan Rug. The subtle hints of blue and tan will tie all the colors in your space together.

Whether you choose to adorn your home with timeless pieces or go for something more modern and unique, like a driftwood wall hanging, you can create the perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy the coast. Whatever you decide, you’re sure to have a beautiful space that reminds you of the beloved coastal grandmother in your life! For more coastal home inspirations, check out my blog, Cowboys on the Coast. Also, don’t forget to shop around here:


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