You guessed it, another home decor style I’m obsessed with. If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you know I’m a sucker for colorful and unique styles, especially when they are affordable. I love the tie between floral patterns and bright colors in the grand millennial style, a modern twist on your grandparent’s home. Surprisingly, Amazon has several affordable options to achieve this look, so let me show you my favorite picks!

collage of Grandmillennial Style From Amazon

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 Grandmillennial Style From Amazon

Grandmillennial Furniture

I want you to think of the classic floral armchair from your grandparent’s house that is probably older than you but makes it cute. This Modern Cotton Ottoman is precisely what I mean. I love the colonial look of that piece, and the same goes for this Traditional Arch Mirror. Also, a dupe for the Anthropologie mirror. For a pop of color, this French Floral Wall Art Print Set is the perfect centerpiece for this style. I found this gorgeous Wood Carved Accent Table for less than $70, which is a steal.

Emphasis On Floral

That classic blue imperial floral print will be your best friend to achieve this look in your home. This timeless pattern looks fantastic with almost anything, such as this Ancient Chinese Imperial Enamel Jar. I would emphasize this pattern as much as possible, and this Table Lamp is the perfect accent. Then, of course, we need to throw some floral throw pillows into the mix, especially if you are already working with a neutral sofa. Keeping with the fun colors, I love this Blue Ginger Jar Pillow. Or, if you prefer something a little more subtle, this Ambesonne Floral Throw Pillow is a fabulous option.

Grandmillennial Accents

Now time for the final touches; these are my favorite finds that are unique and fun for this look. To bring in some more fun color, this Fu Foo Dogs Pair of Green Guardian Lions is so cute. The perfect console table add-on. We need to add some vintage picture frames to the mix, and these Small Gold Round Picture Frames and Green Oval Frames are perfect.

I was surprised to find so many affordable and stylish options on Amazon. Worth checking out for all your home improvement needs. This style is a classic home look that keeps evolving. Personally, I love the grandmillennial vibe, modern and classy. If you want more affordable home decor inspiration, check out my blog on Midcentury Modern Decor. Tell me in the comments if you want to see more affordable home decor options. You can shop all of these pieces here:

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