If you have been following me for a while now, you know my love for cooking. The kitchen is the heart and soul of my home. Between trying new recipes and cooking with my kids, I have spent hours on end in the kitchen. Today I want to share some of the kitchen must-haves that have tremendously helped me keep up with my big family. There is a mix of high-end and affordable essentials, from cutting boards to food processors. Let’s get started!

collage of Kitchen Must-Haves

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Kitchen Must-Haves

Kitchen Organization Hacks

There are a lot of mouths to feed in my home, so my kitchen can quickly become overwhelmed with clutter. For my pots and pans cupboard, I use this Bamboo Corner Shelf to make room for everything. I love this and have several throughout my kitchen. These Food Storage Containers and Lazy Susan’s are my holy grail in the pantry. These products make this space much more organized and aesthetically appealing. If you haven’t already organized your spices and labeled them in pretty jars, don’t worry. I recommend this Drawer Organizer.

Cookware Must-Haves

I’m sure you have seen the famous Our Place Pot & Pan duo on social media. The hype is real. I love mine so much; it’s super easy to clean and is on sale now! Kitchen Aid Mixer is also a popular item I recommend. A good mixer is a staple if you love to bake, like me. Another cooking favorite is this Dutch Oven. The possibilities are endless with this; so many easy recipes. Instead of a fancy food processor, I use this Magic Bullet to blend sauces or a quick smoothie. I love to use the container as a cup too.

Kitchen Favorites

These are some of my favorite items in my kitchen, and if you don’t have I highly recommend! I did not know I needed this Measuring Oil Dispenser until now. The measuring tool always comes in handy and prevents overspilling. While I can’t say that I’ve cut out Starbucks completely, I do love my Nespresso machine. Also, I love drinking my daily coffee out of these Can Shaped Glasses. The bamboo top and straw are my favorites.

I love to cook and could not imagine my kitchen without these items. Hopefully, you saw some popular products to try out or maybe saw something new and exciting. If you love the kitchen organization must-haves, check out my Amazon Organization Blog for more tips around the home. Shop everything here:

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