Styling a dough bowl is just a matter of having the right pieces to work with! Get inspiration from these product ideas that include moss, beads, orbs, gourds and more to help you fill your bowl with seasonal items for that perfect dough bowl centerpiece that will look fabulous on your holiday table this year.

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Must Have Dough Bowl Styling Accessories For Fall
Rustic Dough Bowl

This natural wood brown dough bowl is handmade with a rough finish for a rustic touch. Knot holes and cracks add to its charm making the perfect vessel for filling with your autumn-inspired design.


Carved Dough Bowl

If you’re looking for something with an irregular shape, this hand-carved dough bowl is it. Perfect for smaller decor vignettes, it will lend a natural touch to your designs. It’s a versatile piece that can be used in more functional ways but still lend a stylistic touch.


Natural Wheat Stalks

Nothing says autumn like wheat stalks and here, you can tuck them in nooks and crannies or position them horizontally to add texture and ambience to your dough bowl decor.

Wooden Acorns

Perfect as a filler filler for jars, vases, and dough bowls, these brown wooden acorns lend a rustic touch to any fall decor.

Faux Pumpkins

This set of 12 pumpkins in your choice of white or orange, comes in an assortment of sizes for creative styling in a dough bowl. Made from foam, their realistic looks and light weight make them easy to place just where they’ll have the most impact.

Wood Bead Garland

A garland made of cream colored wooden balls measures 58 inches long, making it perfect to drape or weave into a dough bowl design.

Lambs Ear Artificial Stems

Muted tones of a silvey green in these faux lamb’s ear stems makes a realistic addition to any autumn styling vignette. They’re bendable, making them easy to conform to your design ideas.

Moss Balls

Add a touch of green with round moss balls that will bring a natural accent to your dough bowl stylings. They’re made from lightweight foam and artificial moss.


With all shapes, sizes and colors of gourds, you can’t go wrong with this classic filler for a dough bowl. Orange, green, and cream variations of pumpkins are made of lightweight foam, making them easy to work with and position for just the right look.

Cotton Stems

These rustic yet natural cotton stems are perfect for your autumn styling efforts. No matter the
arrangement, you can find a way to use the bendable stems to enhance dough bowl decor.

Assorted Filler

Choose your shade of filler with this set of assorted orbs and balls made from various natural looking materials. They’re perfect for tucking in at just the right place in your dough bowl to help fill out your design.


Seasonal items such as pine cones will add the appropriate natural element for a styled doughbowl. This set of 24 includes various sizes for just the right look.


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