Coastal grandmother looks and outfits are some of my favorites because you can look stylish and still be comfortable. This is a timeless style that is perfect for your everyday casual looks. At its core, it consists of lightweight fabrics such as linen and cashmere with a mix of bright colors and festive prints. While this style is laid back, it can cost a pretty penny. Luckily if you are a fan of the coastal scene but don’t have beach house money for a new wardrobe, I’ve got your back. These are just a few of my favorite coastal grandmother staples for under $100.


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Coastal Grandmother Looks

Coastal Grandmother Looks Under $100

Tops Your Grandmother Would Approve

Start by looking for tops that flow gracefully down your silhouette, more on the modest side but still flattering. The classic Black and White Striped Sweater will always be a staple to this style, and how cute to throw in this Knit Striped Tank. You can wear this so many ways, by itself, paired together, or the coastal classic tied around the shoulders. The same goes for this Oversized Oxford Shirt worn on the shoulders or open with this White Tee underneath.

Coastal Bottoms

This style is about comfort, so look for pants that you can move around in or have an elastic waistband. These Tailored Wide Leg Pants are on target for a more sophisticated casual look. However, for a full coastal effect, these White Linnen Pants are the bread and butter of this aesthetic. Both bottoms need a simple t-shirt or oversized knit sweater to meet the criteria. A good pair of Boyfriend Jeans is a good staple for this look; not too baggy and not too tight. You didn’t think I forgot about the fun color options, right? A yellow pair of Shorts in the summertime on the beach for $20…sign me up!

The Best Of Coastal Grandmother

To top off this look, you’ll want to add some simple accessories and stylish sandals. Think traditional, like wide-brimmed hats, tote bags, and maybe even this Maeve Headband. For shoe selection, sandals will be your best friend. These Gene Slide Sandals get an A+ for being the perfect shoe, woven features for the beach with a sophisticated touch. A classic Black Sandal/ Heel will go with any outfit dressed up or down; aim for classy comfort with these. Last but not least, the perfect Knit Dress for the beach ends on a colorful note.

Coastal grandmother fashion trends give you comfort and style altogether, so it’s no surprise this aesthetic has captured the attention of many. Whether you are looking for something to wear on a special day or spruce up your wardrobe, coastal fashion offers something unique. Tell me in the comments if you want to see more affordable trends! Also, don’t forget to shop these looks here:


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