Choosing between western and coastal home decor is tough, and just choosing one seems boring! Time to think of the designs beautifully combined to create a perfect western coastal home decor theme. Let’s start by sharing some design themes from both sides and melting their surprisingly similar aesthetics together. Side note, I know you guys are thinking of Sandy Cheeks from Bikini Bottom when I say western coastal, but trust me, this is way cooler. My favorite place to start getting inspiration for the Western Coastal Aesthetic is Anthropologie, and you can find all of my personal favorites below!

Western Coastal Aesthetic

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Cowboys on the Coast Home Decor

Rattan for Days

My favorite part about this aesthetic is the potential for rattan features that feel old western but very common in beach houses everywhere. This texture is very easily manipulated into any space and is usually inexpensive and lightweight. This swivel chair from Anthropologie is perfect for incorporating into your space if you’re not fully ready to go western coastal. Same thing for the light fixture; not usually where I would think to incorporate this texture, but its light wood details brighten up the space and easily blend into a room.

Don’t Skip on Neutrals

Western and coastal interior design themes both resemble light brown undertones with lots of beiges. So when picking out your major furniture, I would keep this in mind and consider a leather sofa to emphasize a clean western look. This light brown leather couch can fit into just about any design aesthetic, and when paired with a darker neutral throw pillow like this beaded black and white one, it can dress up the look. Also, the fringe on the pillow… so cute.

Western Coastal Aesthetic

Let’s start with the lighting decor in a room which is essential to bring lighting into a space. I love this lamp because it has a neutral top, but the bottom has a blue textured design that fits the coastal vibe to a T. Picking out the wall art is more challenging to navigate because we don’t want just to put a picture of a cowboy hat and call it a day.

A landscape looks excellent in the background of a room that embodies that outdoor core. The best for last and the most fun of putting together a space. For a western coastal look, I have picked out some super cute decorations like this light blue cactus vase or a traditional beige vase with blue florals. Candles can also be cute such as this fun textured neutral candle set, or a tin-framed traditional 3-wick candle.

Let me know below if you enjoyed these tips for your western coastal dream home!


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    Great idea! I was trying to do the same, but I was trying to incorporate my love for horses. I tried to think of the Outer Banks area for my coastal inspiration along with my cowhides/western/horses. I nailed some of it but other parts not so much. I’m in Georgia too. Thanks for the ideas!!

    1. avatar

      Incorporating your love of horses with this style will be gorgeous! Glad this helped. 🙂

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