If you have heard the words hygge home recently and want to find some inspiration behind the idea, I’m here to help. For this home decor vibe, we will create the warmest and coziest atmosphere, just in time for the holidays. It’s all about the small details when curating these spaces; when you’re in them, you want to feel at peace with the area. You all know I love exploring new home styles, and I’m excited to show you this one.

collage of items to Creating A Hygge Home

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Creating A Hygge Home

Cozy Detials of Hygge

The absolute core of this aesthetic is coziness, and we want to create a space that is welcoming and comfortable. So, for starters, we’ll need a really soft rug, such as this Prompton Cream Plush Area Rug, with a fuzzy texture. Then, following the same texture on the rug, you need a cozy chair to snuggle into. I have been eying this Gwyneth Ivory Boucle Chair for some time now, and it would be perfect for this space. Finally, to top off this look, we need a throw blanket like this Woven Checkered Cozy Throw, which I highly recommend.

Subtle Details

Remember, I said the details are what will drive home this design idea—starting with this lovely Lumina Purification Sage Lavender Candle, which has a fresh herb and calming scent. We also want to add subtle details to our everyday items; consider leveling up your coffee setup with these adorable Old Havana Mugs. Adding this Botanica Teapot to the mix also couldn’t hurt. Last but not least, for creating a hygge space, we need some books. They make excellent coffee table decor even if you don’t read. I love The Puffin in Bloom Collection; these have beautiful covers and fun colors to play around with.

Hygge Essentials

These are some of my favorite pieces representing everything hygge means to me. I died when I saw this gorgeous Natural Pampas Grass & Preserved Flowers Decor Wreath; just stunning. Then, of course, we must add some rattan features because they always make a space charming. I love the idea of this Handwoven Wicker Banana Leaf Storage Trunk for the bedroom or living room. Also, why not add this Woven Seagrass Floor Vase with it to tie in some of the features? Last but probably my favorite is this Grow Floor Lamp; this is everything, and the little stems growing off the side are perfect.

Hopefully, I was able to inspire your mind with all things hygge. This is basically just another version of a cozy home aesthetic, with touches of peace and comfy pieces. Tell me in the comments which one of these items is your favorite. You can shop everything here:

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