It’s the season of giving, and I am working on the ultimate gift guides to help you think of some creative gifts that your friends and family will love. I have recently been on a southern cozy cottage vibe and figured some items I love would make great gifts. The great thing about home gifts is they are pretty universal to everyone and are always appropriate for gifting. So let me show you some fantastic home gifts that someone special will be sure to love!

Cozy Southern Home Gift Guide

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Container Gift

We always need more storage, so why not make it aesthetically pleasing? Precisely like this Macrame Wall Hanging Boho Wall Decor that is perfect for hanging in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc… Another adorable item is this Octagonal Iron Urn Planter that would be amazing on someone’s dining table, can’t get over the rustic charm on this piece. Finally, this Wood and Marble Wine Chiller with a custom engraving option is the perfect gift for someone special. This kitchen staple for hosting dinner parties; this Waterfall Carafe is a staple in anyone’s dining ware set.

Cozy Cottage

I love looking for cozy style gifts; I feel like people find joy in these items. This season’s perfect and simple gift is this Sophie Faux Fur Throw Blanket, which is buttery soft. Of course, if you gift a throw blanket, it’s only right you gift this Amber Lewis for Anthropologie Bellamy Pillow too. To bring out the cottage aesthetic, these Coppery Dipped Glass Candle Holders fit right in, and the copper color is from dried fall leaves! This Tent Life book is another unique gift idea, a staple for coffee table decor.

Southern Touch Gift

These items are for your country people who appreciate the beauty of the southern home decor. This doesn’t automatically mean wild west but more of simple touches of rustic charm. The first item on the list is this adorable Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set; who doesn’t appreciate matching decor? I love this Shabby Chic Large Metal Jug that is perfect for displaying in your home and holding fresh flowers. More on the coffee table decor, this Country and Cozy Hardcover book speaks for itself.

I know you might be thinking, is it a little early to start thinking of gift ideas? Believe it or not, we are already at the end of October, and then we’re in full swing for the holidays. I have really been loving everything southern and cozy, but if you want to see different gift guides, let me know in the comments! If you loved any of these items, you can shop them here:


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