Bohemian decor has been one of my favorite styles for years. There is something so relaxing yet extraordinary about decorating your home using some boho inspiration. Despite most items having a homemade or natural look, these tend to be one of the more expensive home decor choices out there. Here is a guide to decorating your home on a budget and boho style if you are looking for some new decor for your home.

A few throw pillows can go a long way

Throw pillows are what make a room pop and can turn a minimalist bedroom into a bohemian oasis. Throw pillows can get expensive, but you can find plenty of them for $30 or less to update your space on a tight budget. If you have old pillows lying around, just buy the covers, you can then change out the pillowcases to help save some money!

Quilts and blankets

Bohemian decor naturally looks a little cozy, and can make your space look comfortable and stylish! Quilts and blankets are a great way to add a pop of color or a bohemian touch to any room. The best place to find these items on a budget is to head to the online world or go to thrift stores during the winter months. You’ll find a bunch of options for $20 or less online!

Mismatched items

Not buying the full set can do you good if you are trying to achieve a bohemian look in your home. Mix and match different kinds of furniture or wood chairs in your dining room to add some boho flair to any room.

Macrame and crochet items

Fabrics are a big part of the boho look, and a great way to achieve this look is with macrame or crochet items. While you could spend hundreds buying these items for your home, you can achieve the same look by making your own! It will be a bit time consuming, but at the end of the day, you’ll have something that you created using your own two hands!

Bright colors and colorful accents

While natural items and colors such as tan and white might be what you go for when first starting to add boho decor to your home, the big accents are colorful and filled with bright colors! The best place to find these on a budget is thrift shops and even Goodwill!

Add in some nature

Tropical plants, succulents, and other nature pieces add the boho seal to any room you’re in! If you are looking for boho vibes in your room, consider adding some nature to the space. You can pick flowers from your garden and put them in a vase for your coffee table. You could also head to garden stores towards the end of each season to scope out new plants for your space!


You don’t need to spend a lot of money on decor to achieve the look you’re going for! I hope that this list will both inspire you and help you create the look you’re going for on a budget.

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