Ended my evening yesterday with a migraine (I get them regularly – meh) and decided to rearrange my modern farmhouse style living room. Why not, right? So glad Chris doesn’t even blink when he comes into whatever chaos I’ve created. 😂 We ended up needing to get rid of one piece of furniture because it no longer fit the space.

Modern Farmhouse Living Room

But oh my gosh, I LOVE how open the living room is now. A downside of constant moving is how furniture doesn’t fit every space exactly right. We don’t have a mudroom here like we did in our last house, as well as having a significant amount less of closets, so I’m having to get creative with shoe (& inevitably coat) storage for our messy crew. I never thought I’d say I missed a basement. 😂

What’s your go to storage tip/hack? I’m all ears! I foresee a trip to IKEA in my near future to help organize what little space I have in this house. 🏡

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living room of a Modern farmhouse living room living room with framed quotes in a Modern farmhouse living room

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