Have you ever noticed that no matter what hotel you go to, the bed always looks impressive? While they are technically trained professionals and are paid to make your bed for you, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a hotel bed at home! Cleaning crews have to work very quickly to clean all the hotel rooms, which means that making the bed is down to a science! Want to know how to make your bed just like the hotels do? Here’s a lazy girl’s guide to making your bed hotel worthy.

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Making Your Bed Hotel Worthy

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Start With the Fitted Sheet

When you are going to make your bed, pull out your sheets from the dryer and put them on the bed immediately. This will keep them from getting lumpy and wrinkled. The first thing you will need to do is start with the fitted sheet. Make sure that you have smoothed out the sheets and that they are fully on your mattress. I love these sheets from Amazon. They’re so soft! 

Next, Put on Any Bed Sheets

Next, add your bedsheets. You will want to do the same dryer trick that we did with the fitted sheet to ensure there are no wrinkles on your sheets. When you put them on your bed, make sure to pull the sheets to the very top of the bed and tuck in the bottom. You may need to lift your mattress to do this. Smooth out your sheets before tucking them in for that extra touch and use these holder straps to keep them extra taut! 

Then, Put on the Duvet or Comforter

Make sure that your duvet is placed all the way at the top of the bed, smooth it out. If you have a footboard on your bed, make sure that you tuck in your duvet cover. If you don’t have one, then your duvet should cover just the bottom of your mattress. This one is dreamy and comes in a variety of warmth temperatures and sizes. 

Add Any Blankets or Quilts

Next, add any decorative blankets or quilts to your bed. Smooth out the top to cover up any stubborn wrinkles underneath. If you haven’t noticed yet, wrinkles a no go for making your bed hotel worthy. If you have some stubborn wrinkles you can’t get out that are bothering you, try a handheld steamer that’ll fix them in a jiffy! 

Finally, Add the Pillows

Put three pillows across the headboard standing if possible, if you have a queen-size bed, you will only need two. When purchasing a pillowcase, look for ones that don’t wrinkle, like this gorgeous satin set that are great for your hair, since these will likely be on display. If you want to make your pillows even fancier, consider adding two or three Euro pillows behind your sleeping pillows. I use these when I sleep as well, so they aren’t just decorative pillows.

Optional: Top With Decorative Pillows

If you want to go the extra mile, add some decorative pillows to go in front of your main sleeping pillows. Adding one two three decorative pillows can add a touch of elegance to your bed without putting in too much extra effort. To keep these looking their best, find ones that you can easily wash or that are just pillowcase covers so you can switch them out.

make your bed hotel worthy with white sheets and a flat lay of food, coffee, and bag

You don’t need to hire a cleaning service or stay in a hotel to have a hotel-style bed! These tips will make sure that you always have a hotel-quality bed, even at home. Follow me on Instagram for more updates.

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