If you have a little who is absolutely loves all things Toy Story like I do, they’ll love this inspired craft! Having a Toy Story themed party? Make these at the party to go in their goodie bags!

The instructions are below the photos that give you a step by step picture of this craft. Make sure to print out the templates that are below for this as well!


Toy Story Pig Dino Lotso

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Toy Story Inspired Bookmarks

Kids Paper Craft


List of Supplies:

1. Colored craft papers
2. Pencil
3. Pen
4. Scissors
5. Craft glue


Step -1:

Let’s start with the Woody bookmark. We will be using yellow paper for the Woody character bookmark. Cut out a square shape from yellow craft paper (4 inches X 4 inches).

Step -2:

Fold the square paper into half diagonally.

Step – 3:

Fold up the 2 sides towards the top corner.

Step – 4:

Unfold the last 2 folds (from step 3).

Step – 5:

Hold the front layer of the top corner of the half folded paper and fold it towards the bottom side; levelling the corner with the bottom end.

Step – 6:

Now fold up any one of the sides and fold in the open end of it inside the pocket fold.

Step – 7:

Similarly, fold the other side inside the pocket fold. The origami bookmark is ready.

Step – 8:

Print and cut out the template patterns and trace the Woody patterns on the appropriate colored craft papers. Cut out the traced patterns.

Step – 9:

Attach the Woody patterns on the origami bookmark (on either side). Attach the vest and neck-tie first and then the head, hair and hat.

Step – 10:

Use a black sharpie or maker to draw the black patterns on the vest and to draw the face of Woody.

Step – 11:

Prepare the other characters and craft the bookmarks.


Toy story bookmarks

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