Mindfulness for Moms is a simple, short article to help even the busiest of moms. We’ve all raised our voice at our kids, blamed the dog for something we did, or even gotten snappy with our spouse, who was just trying to help us out. We have all found ourselves in these scenarios, time and time again.

The reality is that we aren’t short-tempered people, but we are busy moms. We have a lot on our plate, and it’s challenging to keep it together when everything feels like it’s going wrong. To all the moms out there who are so busy, they can barely keep it together, here are a few simple Mindfulness for Moms tips.

Mindfulness for Moms

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Mindfulness for Moms

Focus On the Positive

There are enough terrible things in the world, but we don’t need to add our problems to the mix. Instead of focusing on the things that your children aren’t doing or should be doing, focus on the things they ARE doing. Did your daughter nail her ballet recital? Did your son score his first goal in soccer? Focus on those positive things instead of the homework they didn’t get done today or heavy things weighing on your heart today. There will always be time to work or run errands, but savoring these small moments is where you need to be right now. This will always be more important than whatever else is on your to-do list.

Pause Before You Speak

In a rush, we tend to say things before we’ve had the chance to think about them. Take just a moment and pause before you let the words come out of your mouth. You may find that this tiny second to rethink what you’re about to say will make all the difference. It might be something small like a change in phrasing or tone, but it will make a difference to those who hear you. This tiny step has helped me avoid yelling at my kids and everyone around me when I’m so busy I think I might fall over my thoughts. It’s a simple, but fairly easy Mindfulness for Moms tip.

Look at the Bigger Picture

It’s easy to get caught up in all the little things around us. Instead, take a moment and look at the bigger picture. Look at all the things around you. Look at everything you have to be grateful for in this world. Will this fight with your spouse matter five years from now? Does it matter if your children eat the crusts on their sandwiches? Sometimes when we step back and look at the bigger picture for just a moment, we have a new sense of clarity about everything. This can impact how we react and change the situation completely. I know it can be hard to implement this, but it’s such an important Mindfulness for Moms tip! 


There is no such thing as a perfect mom, but the moms who are better to their kids, spouse, and everyone else are the ones who have learned to be mindful. They take the world around them and remember where they stand in the bigger picture. If you follow these Mindfulness for Moms tips, you will raise your voice less and learn to be more graceful and mindful in your daily life over time.


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Mindfulness for moms

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