I love looking at stylish outfits and fun hairstyles on Pinterest. The reality is that I’m just too lazy to actually pull off any of these looks! I have found myself time and time again looking for a pair of leggings or yoga pants as a cop-out despite my Carrie Bradshaw aspirations. If you don’t want to give up the lazy life, but still want to look stylish, I have you covered! Here is a lazy girl’s guide to effortless style. I promise these tips are serious game-changers!

woman wearing sweater, leggings, and hat for Guide to Effortless Style

A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Effortless Style

Basics are Actually a Girl’s Best Friend

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend clearly never had the perfect black or white tee in their closet. Neutrals are the perfect basic staple to have in your wardrobe! Go for solid colors in your shirts so that way you can effortlessly add a pop of color with your jackets or accessories. Your outfits will look way more sophisticated and put together even if you just threw something together. I’ve found a ton of ones I love from Amazon, especially these comfortable & true to size Amazon Essentials tees. {Affiliate link}

Use Accessories to Dress Up Your Outfit

A stylish hat can hide the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in days, and a good necklace can make your sweats look a little less comfy cozy. Accessories are a great way to dress up even the most casual outfit with little effort on your part. Don’t underestimate the power of a great accessory.

Use Layers to Your Advantage

Layers can do wonders in a lazy girl’s wardrobe! You can use them to hide the stain on your shirt, a sweater to hide the fact that you’re wearing the same shirt as you did yesterday, and they give you a more put-together look in a fraction of the time! Layers are a great way to save the day when you need a little more time to get the rest of your life in order. Basic cardigans are a great way to jazz up a pair of jeans, skirt or dress. These adorable & affordable cardigans are a great way to add color to your wardrobe. {affiliate link}

pearl necklace and shoes

A Bold Lip Goes a Long Way When You’re Short on Time

If you are short on time and don’t have a chance to put on any other makeup, choose a bold lip color for your lips. Something about lipstick just makes you look more pulled together, even if you don’t have any other makeup on! In a pinch, I’ve used a bold lipstick to hide the bags under my eyes and the fact that I didn’t have time to do the rest of my makeup. Seriously, a bold lip & big sunglasses can do wonders. Perfect for the pickup line to errands! I love this Revlon Matte line. I have so many different shades! {affiliate link}

If You’re Feeling Extra Lazy, Focus on Your Hair

There is nothing wrong with having a day in your sweats. If you’re feeling really lazy, put the focus instead on your hair. If you have your hair done, the rest of you is going to look way more put together! A simple bun or a half up half down hairstyle will make it look like you’ve put in a little more effort than you did! I won’t lie, I’ve been a huge fan of the messy bun my entire life.

Now Savannah loves wearing them. It’s adorable. But if you have time, a quick blowout can make you feel amazing! I use this Revlon drier to get that blowout look at home. {affiliate link} To make it last, I swear by this Living Proof Dry Shampoo since I only wash my hair 2 times a week now. Highlighting it has seriously dried it out, so the less I wash it- the better my hair feels. 

These lazy girls’ secrets will have you always looking fabulous without the effort. Whether you’re a girl on the go or a busy mom, these tips will have you looking stylish effortlessly.

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