Whether you’re ready to declutter your home finally, or you’re just tired of living in a house of clutter, at some point or another, you will have to do some decluttering in your home. Decluttering can be a great way to rid your home of excess items you don’t need, give them a new life in someone else’s home and maybe make a few bucks too. We’ve used these tricks to help us declutter before a big move, but you can use these decluttering tips whenever you need to do a massive declutter in your home. It’s the perfect way to welcome in a new year or just a new season.

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How to Declutter

Remove Everything From Your Space

If you want to do a massive declutter, you need first to remove everything from your space. It will be much easier to make decisions about the items you own if you can see everything at a glance in front of you. If you move things around the space, you won’t be able to make decisions easily because you’ll see the item in its “place.” Instead, put everything in a pile on the floor and discard the items you don’t need. To make it even easier, grab three baskets. One is the keep basket, the second one is the trash basket, while the last one is the donate basket. 

Do it All in One Go

Have you ever gone to the store to buy something only to realize you already had it at home? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that! The same works with decluttering! When we do it all at once, you remember the things you’ve already sorted. You remember the items you held onto and then can make better decisions about what to let go. After the time has passed, your memory is a little hazy, and you start to doubt yourself. If you are doing a massive declutter, it’s best to do as much as you can instead of spreading it out over a few days. So pick a day where you know you can devote two to three hours and get to decluttering and purging. 

Declutter First, then Sort and Organize

Your home will get messy before it gets better! The first step is to declutter ruthlessly. Go through everything you have and organize it into keep or discard. Once all the clutter has been removed from your home, take the time to sort things further, and organize everything. If you need to do more decluttering, you can do so at this point.

Otherwise, you should be left with all the things you want to keep. Make sure what you keep is something you genuinely enjoy or use. Have a pair of jeans that have never fit? Donate those! They’re just taking up space. You’re essentially Marie Kondo-ing your home. 

Make Quick Decisions

When doing a massive declutter, you want to try your best to leave as little maybe piles as you can. Make quick decisions about how the item feels in your hands, and if you want to keep it. If you have to think hard about it, keep it for now. If you can’t remember what it is or that you had it, chances are you’re okay to let it go.

Those quick decisions will help make things go faster, and help you make better decisions. The longer you allow yourself to wait on something, the more you will keep when you don’t mean to. We all have been there, but when you’re decluttering and reorganizing, you don’t want to get overly sentimental. It can make it that much harder!

Hopefully, this post has helped provide you with some tips and even inspiration to get started decluttering your home! If you’re ready to take back your space, give these decluttering tips a try! Let me know how they helped you in the comments. 

Tips for decluttering your home

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