I’m back with some more affordable home decor finds, and this time, I want to shine some light on Midcentury Modern. This decor style mixes deep greens and wood patterns that create elegant and cozy spaces. Achieving this aesthetic can be pretty easy and customizable to your taste, which is why I love this aesthetic. However, achieving this look can start to rack up, so I have picked some fantastic decor pieces for the low.

Midcentury Modern Decor

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Midcentury Modern On the Walls

The most essential part of decorating your space is figuring out wall space. For midcentury modern, you can choose to your personal preference and look for vintage pieces that complement the rest of your decor. To give you an idea of where to start, I found this Geometric Wooden Wall Art Decor that fits perfectly into this style genre. Next up, you will want to consider adding a mirror such as this Modern & Contemporary Accent Mirror. Or, if you prefer something more subtle, this Asymmetrical Wall Mirror is the ideal mirror for this design.

Modern Decor

These fun pieces are what will define your home as midcentury modern, each unique and stunning. I love the funky shape of this Black Ceramic Vase, which is perfect for placing on your entryway table. Most midcentury modern spaces of hints of dark green, and this Wood Tray with Brushed Gold Metal Handles is precisely what I mean. Circling back to fun shapes, these make for great accents, such as this Keyah Taper Candle Holder or Sienna Starburst Sculpture Set.

The Best Of Midcentury Modern

I always save the best for last. If you want to transform your space into this aesthetic completely, these pieces are for you. A lovely shade of orange to complement the greens and browns in this space is necessary, and what is more perfect than this Phillipa Window Panel? My favorite art piece by far is this Alba Wood Sculptural Objects, a modernist’s dream come true. You can’t miss out on this Halsey Green Glass Teardrop Table Lamp for less than $80; this is a steal. Finally, to tie together this gorgeous collar pattern is this Wood Tray with 9 Brown Glass Votive Holders.

These pieces are definitely making it to the top of all my favorite home finds. To complete this look, I would consider adding fresh plants and personal pieces, such as photos in vintage frames. I know it’s the holidays, so maybe consider gifting yourself a room remodel! For home decor inspiration, you can check out my blog on creating a hygge home. Don’t forget to shop everything from today here:


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