I can remember a time when I once strived for a spotless home with everything in its place. The reality is that now, I don’t even notice if certain things are cleaned or not. Maybe it’s motherhood, or perhaps it’s just me being tired of having to vacuum everyday. Whatever the reason is, there are a ton of reasons why you are looking for an easier way to clean your home. This is why I’ve created a lazy girl’s guide to cleaning your home packed with actionable mom tips for you. Save this sheet below to make it even easier for you and keep scrolling for a weekly cleaning schedule planner.

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Sandee Booth mom tips to bring more organizedMom Tips for Cleaning Your Home

Easy Mom Tip #1: Make Your Bed

If you do nothing else in your bedroom, make your bed. As soon as you get out of your bed in the morning, go ahead and make your bed. This will take a few minutes but will make your bedroom look way cleaner. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-made bed! Plus you can check it off your never ending to do list of things and you’ll feel like you’ve gotten something done. Win win!

Work in 15 Minute Increments

You will get more done in that 15 minute time frame than you will in an entire hour of cleaning. Why? It’s because when you have a time limit to get things done, you will prioritize, and you move faster. When you’re cleaning a room, set a timer for 15 minutes and do as much as you can in that time frame. When the timer goes off, you may have a spotless room or a clean enough room. Both will work just fine. Honestly this is one of my favorite mom tips that I’ve implemented in my life. 

Easy Mom Tip #3: Never Leave Dishes in Your Sink

Before you go to bed each night, get all the dishes into the dishwasher and unload them each morning. When you leave dirty dishes in the sink, you are not only making the sink harder to clean, but you now have to scrub your dirty dishes! Instead, rinse them as soon as you can so that way you can have them ready to run in the dishwasher that night. If you have kids who are old enough to help, this is a great task for them! We all need to know how to do basic housekeeping tasks and this is a great beginner one.

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Mom Hack #4: Delegate Cleaning Tasks

Don’t try and do all the cleaning yourself! Instead, get your family members to help out. Even your kids can help clear the table and unload the dishwasher. It’s better to have help than to have to do it all yourself! No matter how busy the rest of your family is, they can still help out. John & Savannah are old enough to help with laundry, wiping down counters, keeping their rooms straight & more! They think it’s fun now because we sing Disney songs while we clean. I know that won’t last forever, but it’s always good for them to learn!

Chris is also great at helping around the house. I know a lot of women say their husband’s don’t help clean, but they should! They live there too- so ask them (if they don’t already) to help with laundry or dishes.

Save your Deep Cleaning for One Day Each Week

Instead of deep cleaning throughout the week when you’re extremely busy, use those morning hours to be productive! Save your deep cleaning for one day each week and get the family involved in the cleanup. This is the time for baseboards and cleaning the bathroom that you can’t get to during the week. Pick a day, like ours is Sunday, and have the whole family pitch in. It’s an easy to implement mom tip that will help you out so much over time.

mom tips on how to clean kitchen

Wipe Down Your Counters Every Night

This applies to the kitchen and many easy to clean surfaces! Wipe down your counters every night, and you’ll never have caked-on food or grime again! This means less scrubbing and less time spent cleaning your kitchen on your deep cleaning day! I love to use vinegar for this, as well as my scrub daddy. 

You don’t need a lot of time or effort to have a clean home! These easy mom tips will help you clean your home more efficiently but without putting in a lot of effort.

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Click the photo below to print it out to help keep you organized for the week! With the time blocking technique, you’ll be able to schedule out when you’ll be doing what chore.

Free weekly cleaning schedule for mom tips

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