It is a common misconception that living in a small home means you do not have a lot of space. However, it is easy to organize a small home. All you need to do is look into clever storage, invest in the right accessories and think outside the box!

Are you ready to turn your home into a comfortable, functional space? To help you get started, here are 5 easy tips to organize your small home.

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5 Tips To Organize Your Small Home

5 Tips To Organize Your Small Home
Embrace Vertical Storage With Wall-Mounted Shelves

You are going to find vertical storage to be the best method for organizing a small space. For example, you can install wall-mounted shelves in just about any room of your home. Use wall-mounted shelves for collectibles in the living room, cookbooks in the kitchen or toiletries in the bathroom. You can even use wall-mounted shelves and a small desk to create a workstation in a nook or corner.

Organize With Wall-Mounted Pegboards

Speaking of vertical storage, you can also organize with wall-mounted pegboards. Pegboards are perfect for jewelry, hats, bags, household tools, art supplies and office supplies. You can even remove and rearrange the pegs and hooks as needed to accommodate your items. In addition to creating more floor space, pegboards allow you to keep your accessories and supplies within reach.

Utilize Your Closet Space

If you want to organize a small home, it is important to utilize your closet space. This way, you can easily store, organize and hide a variety of items, from apparel to decorative pieces. You can find a range of products to make organizing your closet a breeze, from a five-tier shoe organizer to an 11-hook belt hanger to various bins and baskets. Remember, it is easier to store and organize your items when you maximize your closet space.

5 Tips To Organize Your Small Home

Invest In Over-The-Door Organizers

You can also invest in over-the-door organizers to free up more floor space in your small home. Think about it, you can invest in a hanging hamper for your laundry and a transparent organizer for your shoes. You can also use the hooks on the over-the-door organizers for your outerwear, belts, and bags. This way, you do not need to take up floor space with a pop-up hamper, shoe basket or portable coat rack.

Separate Your Living Room Into Zones

Finally, you can make a small living room feel bigger by separating it into zones. Instead of feeling like one small space, it feels like an open living room. Your zones may include the television area, reading nook, yoga corner and workspace. How are you going to create zones without making the space feel smaller or enclosed? You can invest in colorful area rugs to pinpoint each zone. This is personally one of my favorite rugs. It’s gorgeous in person!

As you can see, organizing a small home is not impossible. It is best to look into vertical storage, make the most of your space and create an open-concept design.

With the above tips, you can easily free up floor space, come up with clever storage solutions and organize your small home.


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5 tips to organize your small home - sandee booth

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