Do you feel like your car is always a mess? Are you having trouble keeping it clean? As a busy mom myself, I know just how real the struggle to keep your car clean and organized can be! This is why I put together a list of some of my best mom hacks for car organization! These will help you keep your car clean and organized, no matter how many kids you have.

Easy Mom Hacks to Keep Your Car Organized and Clean

Add cupcake liners to your cup holders

Get yourself a pack of silicone cupcake liners and put them in the cup holders of your car! This will help keep your cup holders nice and clean and avoid crumbs and stickiness from getting caked on overtime in your cup holders. A simple must have for keeping your car organized and clean!

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Keep back up snacks in your trunk

We are always on the go, so to make things easier, we keep a tote full of backup snacks in the trunk to have on hand! This way, when hunger strikes unexpectedly, we don’t have to hit the drive thru. Easy snacks to keep on hand are pre-popped popcorn, Pirate’s Booty, granola bars, raisins, etc. Depending on where you live, I would just keep a small bag in your purse instead of the car.

Make an activity binder for each kid

If you have little kids in the car, it can help to have activities or toys for them to play with to help keep them entertained! Get a binder for each child, then fill it with printable activities and car-friendly fun that won’t make a mess! You can also get a three-ring pouch to hold road games, pens, and other things! It’s a must for long road trips too. 

Make a car binder

Mom Hacks to Keep your Car Organized
Mom Hacks to Keep your Car Organized

Cars come with a lot of paperwork. From oil changes to big repairs, it’s important to keep records of your car! To help make this easier, you can put together a car binder to keep with you in the car! In a pinch, you can easily get to your registration, car insurance, or anything else you might need.

Get a garbage can for your car

While you could use a spare box or container from around your house, you can also buy a dedicated garbage can for your car! These are such a handy way to keep candy wrappers and other papers from cluttering up your car over time.

Use the backs of seats for additional storage

There are many useful trunk organizers that can handle everything from sectioning off tools and blankets to giving you space for your groceries. However, I like to try and keep my trunk as clear as possible! To help with this, I use these over the seat organizers. They keep things off the floor and hold all my essentials. 

Keep a coin holder in your car

If you live in a big city or need a way to store your coins, consider this coin sorter! No more digging through the bottom of your purse for loose change. And you can also keep them from getting lost in your car! Definitely a great and easy way to keep your car organized! 

Whether you’re preparing for a road trip or don’t want your car to be a mess while you’re driving around time, car hacks are always a must around here! These ideas will help you avoid stress and help you navigate your car so much better.


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