You’ve decided that today is the day. You are going to start committing to making healthy meals for both yourself and your kids. After a night full of pinning apple slices decorated to look like owls and hacks to save you time on meal prep, you are ready…right? If Pinterest were the secret to getting healthier, everyone would be fit! What Pinterest fails to show you is the screaming baby at three am who had an accident and is now responsible for an extra load of laundry, and by the time you run a million errands and clean the kitchen, who even cares about the stupid owls. If you are looking to make healthy meals for your family without stress and make it easy, here are my best mom hacks for healthy meals.

Mom Hacks: Healthy Meals without the Stress

Be prepared for the worst-case scenario

Let’s be real here for a second. Everyone suggests planning ahead and being prepared. But in reality, how can you be ready for the worst case scenario? What do you do if your chicken tastes terrible or you realized you forgot a major ingredient? These plans sometimes fall through. This is why, instead, you need to be prepared for the WORST case scenario. This is where having a healthy no-cook option is a great idea! A cauliflower pizza in the fridge or a prepackaged salad can keep you on track with no additional work!

Mom hacks | Healthy Meals without the Stress

Be realistic about your lifestyle

Being real with yourself is the first step to helping you start living a healthier lifestyle. One of the first roadblocks you will have to face is to know what you do when hunger strikes. What will you do when you start craving chocolate, and all you have at home is carrots to munch on? If you don’t usually dice and chop a ton of vegetables, having pre-diced veggies can help you start! If you’re used to eating chocolate, try dark chocolate or “chocolatey treats” that are good for you. Don’t try to cut out these habits but replace them with better and just as simple options.

Limit your meal prep to just thirty minutes

As a busy mom, I don’t have a ton of time to dice and chop up everything I need for the week in a single day. However, if I can do thirty minutes and be done, that’s still going to put me ahead of the game! When meal prepping your food to make it easier, remember that even just thirty minutes of meal prep can still help you get a lot done!

Create a rotating meal plan

The average family tends to eat about 11 meals. This means that you will likely cycle through the same 11 or so meals each season! To help make meal planning easier, find 11 meals that your family loves and put them in a rotating meal plan. You can change this out with each season to make it easier for you! If this makes your meal plan feels a bit bland, try assigning a theme to each night instead or a cooking method.


Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard! Making intentional changes in your home can help you live a healthier life and make it easier to feed your kids healthy meals.

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