We recently moved to Virginia, and this will be our first fall in this area. Fall is hands down my favorite time of the year, and not just because of the Pumpkin Spice Lattes. While a PSL from my crockpot is enough to get me out of bed early in the morning on a fall day, it’s these kind of activities that make me love the fall season! Keep reading for some fun fall activities in VA & MD!

Red barn at Great Country Farms. Fun things to do in VA.

Attend a Fall Festival

Celebrate the fall season by attending one of the many fall festivals in the area! There is everything from pumpkin carving contests, hot cider, to live music! You can experience the beautiful fall foliage while walking around and just enjoying the atmosphere if you’re on a very tight budget! Many states will have fall fairs as well!


Go for a Scenic Drive to See the Foliage

While Maryland might not be one of the largest states, you can still see some great scenic views! During the fall months, these areas are covered with fall foliage, and the crisp fall air makes the drive worth it! Virginia has some gorgeous scenic roads, so just driving on historical byways and backgrounds will show you some beautiful scenery. 

Here are some scenic drives to do if you live in the Maryland area:


Catoctin Mountain Region
Falls Road
Mountain Maryland Byway

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

In case picking out your very own pumpkin wasn’t enough reason to head to a pumpkin patch! Many of them offer great family fun that everyone can enjoy! You can take a hayride, buy pumpkin treats, or pick out a great pumpkin to take home with you!

Tractor ride over to Apple orchard. Fun fall activities in VA

Here are some of the best pumpkin patches in the area:


Go Apple Picking

One of my favorite fall activities to do with the family is go pick apples! You can buy a whole basket of fresh apples to take home with you or enjoy other apple treats. Like picking out a pumpkin, these orchards are a ton of fun, plus you get some excellent exercise picking all those apples!

We just went apple picking for my birthday at Great Country Farms and had so much fun. We spent over 3 hours there and were exhausted when we left. But exhausted in a good way! We can’t wait to go back to pick pumpkins!


Here are some great places to pick apples in the area:


Visit a Corn Maze

If you are looking for a fun fall activity that gets you out in the sunshine, look no further than your nearest corn maze! While there are corn mazes of all different lengths and sizes, these are so much fun to do! You can walk through as a family and work together to get out!

Corn maze. Fun activities to do in VA & MD

Here are some of the best corn mazes in the area:



If you are planning a short road trip, or you live in the area, you will love these fun fall activities in VA & MD! These are great ideas for date nights or family-friendly fun that you can do with your kids!



Looking for more fun activities in the Virginia area? Check these out!


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