A family road trip is an excellent way for your family to get away on a budget! During the ride, especially if it’s a long car ride, emotions can swing from excitement to boredom in minutes. This is why before we even head out the door, I make sure I have these five essential items with me! These five road trip essentials to pack for your trip can prevent meltdowns. And also keep you sane during even the longest road trip. Plus, these work for families of any size and with kids of any age!

5 road trip must haves for any age

Trash Bags or Grocery Store Bags

Whether someone is getting car sick or you need a way to pick up trash after eating a meal in your car, you’ll be glad you had a trash bag of some sort! These have come in handy more times than I can count on a road trip! You can purchase small trash bags that you can store in your car’s trash can until you hit a rest stop. Or you can keep a pack of these in your car for those just in case moments! If you don’t want to use real trash bags, you could always save your grocery store plastic bags to use.



If you are bringing tablets and other devices on this road trip, I highly recommend picking up a pair of headphones for every single person. Not only will this ensure that you don’t hear the same candy crush sounds for hours on a road trip, but it can help keep things quiet when you have little ones trying to nap.


First Aid Kit

Traveling in the car might not be the first place you think of when you think of bringing a first aid kit, but I have used this kit more times than I can count! Whether someone accidentally got a paper cut or fell while walking to the restroom at a rest stop, you will likely have someone in need of a bandaid at some point! 


Insulated Water Bottles

Keep a reusable water bottle in the car with you at all times! This insulated water bottle will keep all of your beverages cold or hot while on your trip. And they’re so easy to clean! These also make a size for kids so you can give each kid their very own water bottle to keep track of! This will not only help avoid spills in the car but help keep their drinks cold too.


A Variety of Entertainment

Kids get bored very quickly, so I highly recommend that you bring multiple varieties of ways to entertain them. These could be simple car games such as conversation starter games like Tabletopics or card game packs that your kids can play with each other during the long drive. Have various types of engaging activities for them. So they don’t spend the entire road trip complaining that they’re bored.


No matter where you are heading off to, these 5 road trip must haves for any age are ones you don’t want to miss! They’ll ensure you and your family are prepared for whatever comes your way. And that you can make it through your road trip stress-free.


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