As we see the rise of cozy cottage core on social platforms, it is no surprise that the home decor aesthetic has popular demand. The soul characteristic of this design atmosphere is the perfect balance of neutrals and pops of color that is easy to customize with personal statement pieces.

Cozy Cottage Core

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Cozy Cottage Core of Your Dreams


Starting in the living space, a neutral sectional is the room’s heart that balances out the area. The fun part about this design is spicing up the minimal with a colorful throw pillow or blanket. This includes this multicolor plaid pillow that showcases the look.

Cozy Cottage Core: Love Seat

The rest of the room is a neutral base with color flowing up and down the spaces. It has statement pieces like this green love seat with an old-school floral pattern.


Rugs in a space tie together a room. In this case, you can go bold or a little more subtle with a light-colored base to match the area with a design. Then, tie the decor in with the same idea as the rug keeping them neutral with articulate designs that add character. For example, a white lamp shade paired with gold accent picture frames and wired baskets can make the space feel warm. 


Other furniture pieces are now added to make the room look and feel whole. This textured wooden dresser adds more personality to a space without overwhelming other characteristics and pairs well with an arched mirror hanging above. 

Tables and Chairs

Stained wood is essential for tying the whole aesthetic together in a few different spaces. A good look and always the talking point in a room is a grand wooden dining table. You can match it with wooden chairs with colorful backings. From here, we can add wall art that ties in existing colors in the room to tie the space together. 

Cozy Cottage Core: Basket and Furniture

A cozy cottage core is incomplete without woven baskets or bright furniture. These help emphasize the look we’re going for. This daybed is light and can work in any space you already have, or to ease its transition into the room, add some woven blanket baskets that have a pop of color to neutralize the area.

Do you already have some of these pieces in your home, or something similar to recreate the look? Let me know below about your own styling tips!


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