Spring cleaning is a real thing, and with the latest drops in home organization, how could you not be excited?! I get so excited to see things go from chaotic to organized, whether it’s my pantry, closet, or shelves around the house. I rounded up a few of my favorite home organization pieces to make it an easy project this spring!

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First, let’s talk about Walmart’s new collaborative project with The Home Edit. There are so many fabulous finds within the collection, all at such affordable prices. Most of it is designed with your pantry or bathroom in mind, but you can sprinkle in your own creativity on how you use each product. Featured today are the spice rack organizer, laundry room set, pantry organizers, and stackable bins.

Home Organization: Favorite Finds


This spice rack organizer makes it easy to clump those spice jars in your pantry or shelf in such an organized way. Throw in some matching jar and label sets for the full effect! You can also grab these wire baskets – I love tossing the kids’ snacks in these and eliminating boxes on boxes of packets of Goldfish! So many people love these stackable bins for both pantry and fridge, especially since they sit so deep on a shelf.

For the fridge, these sealing containers are a must! Toss those old take-out containers you keep reusing (we all do it) and trade them in for these clear and super durable food containers.


If your closet is a chaotic tornado of clothes, look no further! I love that these fabric bins have a window to see what exactly you’ve stored away for winter. This is also a great tool to use when you have kids’ clothes that have been outgrown that you’re saving for the next one! You could also use these to store holiday attire or bedding/blankets, or even pack away clothes you only wear a few times a year, like swimsuits.

I also really love these open fabric bins – you can place them on the shelf, under the bed, or at the top of a closet. I like the idea of storing kids’ socks and underwear in these, or even all of those pairs of black leggings I know you have!

Mudroom/Laundry Room

This 5-piece system by the Home Edit is perfect for the space around your washer/dryer. Throw everything from detergent to dryer sheets in these, and stack your bleach or stain pens nicely in one of the drawers!

This 8-piece stackable set showcases kids’ arts and crafts supplies, which is still a great idea – or use them in your office, laundry, room, or bathroom to keep things tidy.

Lastly, this bench is a great entryway or mudroom piece. I love the added inserts for shoes – no more stacks of rainboots or grass-filled sneakers by your door!

Home Organization doesn’t have to be a huge project that takes days on end every season. Adding in a few key organizational systems will absolutely save you time and sanity! For more of my tips on home organization, visit my blog post on Organizing Small Homes here!

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