When it comes to cottage core in the bedroom, we want a cozy space that draws attention to nostalgia and elements of nature. Parts of this design aesthetic will include vintage features, distressed wood, and mixed textiles and fabrics. At its heart, the cottage core aesthetic is a whimsical atmosphere that does not lack any attention to detail. I’m so excited to share some of my picks for a cottage core bedroom; keep in mind this is a very personalized design choice. So let’s have some fun!

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Cottage Core Bedroom Style

Core Furniture Picks

A perfect cottage core bedroom will have a mixed variety of different woods and aged metals to embody its natural elements. However, I’m a big fan of the antique side of this design style, and this Home Desk is the perfect vibe. Keeping with the same vibe I adore this Floral Ottoman, I picked a lighter color to offset the dark wood. If you prefer the more open and natural side of  cottage core versus the rustic elements, try this Round Storage Cabinet. For the purposes of the bedding I chose for this style, I want to keep the Bed Frame simple but on point with the room’s features.

Best Cottage Decor

When decorating a space like this, you can rarely overdo it. The core of this design is comfort by nic nacks and a flood of unique whimsical pieces. Starting on the walls, this Botanical Wall Decor is the perfect centerpiece to hang over the bed. You can not have enough greenery in this room to set the mood. Even little touches such as this Ivey Leaves Hanging Shelf go a long way. Adding light and airy colors into the mix will balance all the dark wood in this space. These Mushroom Vases would look perfect on the windowsill or displayed on a shelf. Next, we need throw pillows and more florals, so these Embroided Floral Pillows are an obvious choice.

The Core Of Cottage Decor

These pieces are some of my favorite picks and don’t take on the cottage core description lightly. Wallpaper can transform any room to fit the design you’re looking for; in this case, this Kujawa Floral Print is what we’re looking for. Remember when I mentioned the bedding? This Duvet Cover is the perfect balance of floral, antique, whimsical, and light colors, simply stunning. Now, this is the last time I’ll mention anything floral! But this Dried Flower Rack is a top pick, a beautiful touch of cottage core.

Creating a cottage core bedroom should embody a calming space. Featuring natural elements, antique furniture, and a whimsical color scheme to escape to after a long day. Whether you love traditional furnishings or have a taste for handmade found items, check out my blog Cozy Cottage Core Of Your Dreams. Tell me in the comments which one of these pieces was your favorite, and don’t forget to shop for them here:

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