I’m back with another post covering a new home style! While I have explored southern decor in many of its forms, from traditional to beach, I’ve yet to touch on low country styles. This gorgeous home style is known for having classic accents of darker southern pieces but with a mix of timeless chicness and beautiful creams. Don’t be scared by the country theme; these pieces are timeless. Here are some of my takes on the of low country home style  with  a  touch  of  equestrian  chic. Low Country Home Style, traditional southern home style

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Low Country Home


When you think of low country styles, it shouldn’t scream cowbells and longhorn skulls, like the Texas Southern style. Instead, it leans more towards a subtle accent of southern culture like this Equestrian Painting. If you don’t enjoy equestrian art, try a different southern accent, like this stunning set of 4 framed oyster prints. A big statement mirror is essential over your mantle or console table, but this Eva Arch Windowpane Floor Mirror couldn’t be more perfect. These Retro Iron Decorative Candle Holders add a nice dramatic touch to a neutral background. Lastly, I love these Brown Woven Seagrass Baskets for adding to your shelves or around your living space.

Furniture Styles

You can go in many directions with this theme, but I think incorporating dark wood pieces is a must. The traditional country has a stigma of large brown leather couches. Instead, swap out for a cream or white sofa with leather accent chairs. The woven feature on this Scandinavian Cognac Leather Chair is perfect. Or, for something more simple and traditional, try this Cognac Lounge Chair. You won’t be doing too much by adding this stunning Rectangle Coffee Table into the mix too.

Low Country Favorites

My favorite pieces for a low country home are a mix of classic staples you would see in other home styles. For example, this Rattan Ottoman is the perfect accent piece for a living or bedroom. Every home needs a form of greenery or faux stems. These Twig Branches are the perfect mix of chic and southern paired with this Terra-Cotta Banana Leaf Vase is a designer match!

You don’t need all the traditional southern decor when it comes to low country home styles. Instead, incorporate darker wood pieces in a neutral room, and play with warm colors in your set. Personally, I love the way when you mix the light and dark styles; you get this timeless, beautiful home interior. Tell me in the comments if you would try this home style! Shop everything here:


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