Coastal boho is a pretty mix of styles that will make your home look so dreamy! With a mix of neutrals and vibrant colors, it’s a decor style you’ll adore. I’ve created two living room looks for you to check out, be inspired by and shop from. Let’s dive in!

coastal boho living room

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Coastal Boho Living Room

What is Coastal Boho?

Coastal Boho is a mix of two popular decor styles, the classic neutral and muted coastal style with the fun and eclectic bohemian style. It’s a style that works so well because it’s a great mix of neutrals and vibrant shades. Think rattan, cane wood, honey oak, and “natural” shades of wood mixed with vibrant rugs, cream colored sofas and oodles of plants.

Is Coastal Boho similar to farmhouse or midcentury modern?

While this style can incorporate some older farmhouse pieces you may have, think jute rugs or linen throw pillows, the ash gray that was popular won’t necessarily work with this. It can easily incorporate some midcentury modern furniture, like chairs and some art. However it doesn’t lean too heavily towards either of those styles.

Here are five ways to incorporate this design style into your home.

  •  change your rug. Add color! You’ll love a vibrant, eye-catching design like the blue one above or the link one below.
  •  remove clutter. Sounds easy, right? Unless you want to lean into a maximalist style, this look is best not overly crowded with pieces. So think less Rae Dunn farmhouse collection 2015 and more Joanna Gaines 2023.
  • add greenery. Plants add so much life to a space and they are perfect for the boho aspect of this style! If you don’t have a green thumb, use faux plants. They’re still just as cute.
  • add some neutrals. Throw pillows, blankets, accent chairs- they can all be shades of cream, blues, grays, etc. Keeping the focus on just a few pieces keeps the room cohesive and not overly in your face.
  • Incorporate more natural elements, like woven baskets, rattan furniture, jute ottomans, etc.

Want to shop these pieces? Click any of the photos below to do so.

Coastal boho living room

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