Spring 2023 Fashion Trends for Women

Spring’s in the air! If you’re like me—a busy yet fashion-curious mom looking for a stylish fit to wear for the season—setting our eyes on what designers and style gurus recommend is a great way to get started. 


From light, airy hues to all-time favorite pastels, women’s fashion trends for Spring 2023 leave much room for mixing and matching. 

collage of Spring 2023 Fashion Trends

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Spring 2023’s Color Wheel


Last year’s Spring/Summer 2023 fashion week showcased one of the best mixes between modern designs and classic fits. With that comes the season’s dominant colors – purple, yellow, silver, and pink. 


The nice thing is we moms can rock them! However, we always lean towards the comforting familiarity of our favorite shades. If your favorite color’s not in the trends list, your next best points of reference are the styles themselves. 


Our Top Mom Style Picks for Spring 2023


As we moms are always busy, pampering ourselves doesn’t always rank high in our priorities. Sometimes, we even take it for granted! But just because our schedule is packed doesn’t mean we can no longer dress up or feel pretty! Here’s a list of my favorites from Spring 2023’d fashion trends, which I think would look great for moms. 


Large-scale Floral Prints


Spring is the season of flowers, so floral designs always seem like an obvious choice. But instead of minimalist, tiny flower ornaments on dresses, we’ve seen designers go all out by making large floral prints on blouses, maxi dresses and skirts.


Think about wearing those floral dresses with oversized blooms. Spring 2023 is all about bold florals. Whether it’s a dress, a blouse, or a blazer, big prints are trending.


Crisp, Classic Suits 


Some people find suits boring. However, Spring 2023’s trend forecast begs to differ. We see the rise of oversized blazers and wide-legged trousers polished in muted palettes. 


This style is perfect for work and casual events. Pair it with strappy sandals, grab your favorite bag as an accessory, and you’re ready to go! This is a sleek, all-rounder style spring outfit that’s easy to pull off and comfortable to wear. 


Laser-cut Lace Blouses, Skirts, and Dresses


Lace is popular for spring and summer for their lightweight feel. It’s perfect for the humid weather! I also like the level of detailing the laser technology brings to the fabric’s modern designs.


The intricate detailing on laced dresses and blouses gives off that classic romantic vibe. If you want a more casual style, try a laser-cut shirt under a fabulous blazer and perfectly hemmed jeans or a cut-out dress. Très chic! 


Drop-Waist Dresses From the 80s


We’ve seen their major comeback of the 80s from last year’s fashion week. Drop-waist dresses feature low waistlines and are often loose-fitting, making them comfortable for many body types. 


These dresses can look shapeless at first glance, but with the right length, design, and accessories, rocking the look is a piece of cake. Keep it casual with a short-length dress, a nice belt, and sandals


Silky Sweatshirts and Sports Jackets


Softer-style sweatshirts and waterproof sports jackets are popular for an active lifestyle wardrobe this spring. 


The soft, not bulky fabric makes it easy to tuck into your pants when on the go. At the same time, its polished look gives that air of luxe compared to your good old hoodie. I love this quarter zip one with UPF50+ if you’ll be spending a lot of time outside this year. For sports jackets, oversized and half-zip designs dominate women’s closets.  


Sequin Skirts and Metallics


You’d think silver and metallic hues are best reserved for Christmas glitz, but the fashion world doesn’t think so. Sequin and silver wrap skirts or pants are favored party pieces that showcase dazzling sparkles without being too distracting.


I recommend trying out jeans and a white tank under a silver blazer for a casual, everyday look. It’s effortless, classy, and timeless. 


Tulle Dresses and Feathered Jackets


This trend will be a favorite for anyone who likes to party. Layered tulle dresses and skirts offer a combination of comfort and style fit for any occasion. Thigh-skimming dresses with feather detailing on the hem are luxurious. 


Also, nothing is off-limits for this trend’s color palettes! You can go with pastels, bold colors, or a combination of both, whichever looks great. 


Ruffles for All Occasions


In terms of variety, ruffle designs win. From party dresses to casual daywear, the options and styles are vast! Ruffled blouses for work will remain a thing, while ruffled sleeves on dresses can be worn for everyday. Go with an elegant yet casual look with simple ruffled shorts and a blouse with wedges


Ruffles have always been amazing at drawing attention to your feminine side, and it’s definitely a style statement! 


Tips for a Dashing Look for Moms this Spring 2023


Wearing something comfortable remains the best option, and I’ll always suggest you consider this when upgrading your wardrobe. But if you can have style and comfort in one, why not? Here are a few tips I’d like to share on choosing the best spring outfit fit for your personality.


  • Know your basic style combo and pick those you can mix and match.
  • Trust your color wheel, but don’t be afraid to try new palettes.
  • Pick tops with matching colors.
  • Flats are your best friend, but heels are great company too.
  • Experiment with various bag styles.
  • Choose accessories that complement your wardrobe.


In the end, fashion is what you make it, but it doesn’t hurt to go with the trends. If you’ve already started shopping, feel free to drop your best fashion tips and let other moms know your best picks!


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