If you’re a busy mom, you’ve come to the right place! I’m sharing my favorite simple makeup looks to take you from tired mama to refreshed, glowing and gorgeous. These easy makeup looks are perfect no matter your age, your skin type or how much time you have to invest in a day to day routine. I’ve included the best products for busy moms as well as a few favorite skincare products to make sure you’ve got a flawless base too. Ready to dive into these easy makeup tips for busy moms? Let’s go!

easy makeup tips for busy moms- sandee booth simple tips for a glowing face

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Easy Makeup Tips for Busy Moms


Everyday Makeup Tips for Moms


To start with, you don’t need makeup. Like we all know this, but I wanted to put it out there before I dive in.

You’re a gorgeous, amazing soul without it.

But it’s fun and I know I feel more put together when I’ve got ‘my face on’ so to say. So let’s dive into these easy, everyday makeup tips! First you’re going to want to decide if you’re going to use a sponge, a foundation brush or your fingers. If you’re in a hurry, use your (clean) fingers to apply! Cream based products are easy to apply and blend with your fingertips and work for every skin type. Start with sunscreen, always. If you want to save time, use a tinted moisturizer or CC Cream with SPF in it. My favorites are IT Cosmetics CC Cream and this e.l.f. Camo CC Cream. The e.l.f. CC Cream is essentially a budget friendly version of the IT Cosmetics cream, so you know it’s good! I personally love cream based blush/lip sticks since they can be easily applied to your lips, cheeks and eyes for a pretty flushed look. It’s also super cohesive and fast. This cream blush is only $7 and gives such a gorgeous glow. NARS Mini Orgams Cheek Duo is one of the best and it’s a cult classic for a reason.

Now that you’ve got your cc cream and blush on, you’ve got to do lips, lashes and brows. Like I said before, you can use a lip/cheek combo if you want to save time. But if you have an extra minute, lip liner and gloss can really add some oomph to your look. I use Mented Cosmetics Lip Liner Pretty in Pink, which is a really pink-nude shade and then add Mented Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Pink About Me. It gives a really pretty lip that isn’t super loud or bright.

If you’ve got a minute, curl your lashes! It really helps open up your eyes. Throw on some mascara- I love essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara which is an absolute steal at only $5! Lancôme Lifting & Volumizing Mascara has stellar reviews and the travel size is under $17 too. If you have the time and like false lashes, do your own! Flutterhabit has a range of super cute and budget friendly lashes so you can get the look of lash extensions at home. Use this link to save 15% off your first order.

Last but not least, is the brows. I love a good powder and then set with gel, but that does take a good bit of time. My second favorite that works when you’re in a hurry is tinted brow gel. You just brush it through and you’re good to go! I’ve used this one from It Cosmetics for years and love it.

Simple Beauty Hacks for Glowing Skin

We all love a good hack right? I know I do! Anything to make life easier is a win and beauty hacks for moms are no different.

First, and most importantly, drink your water. This one step makes a huge difference in not only how your skin looks, but how you feel too. You need to be drinking at least 6-8 cups of water per day, every single day. If you need help getting it in, use a cute cup or water bottle, set a reminder in your phone, put a post-it on your computer or tv. Just remember to drink it up.

My other favorite hack is to wash your face every night. Easy right? But sometimes we get sidetracked or we’re exhausted and it just doesn’t happen. If you don’t have time for a full routine, at least wipe your face with a wet makeup eraser. They’re reusable plus they get everything off. I swear by mine and have for years!

Moisturizing is a major beauty do and you don’t have to spend a ton either! You can whip up your own DIY body butter or DIY body oil and make sure your skin is always soft and supple.

Beauty Products Under $20

Now we’re on to my favorite part! Budget friendly beauty products. I’ve always thought beauty should be accessible- available to everyone, no matter their age or income. And thankfully, brands are listening because there are some amazing products available now.

Anything you get from e.l.f. cosmetics is going to be great. It’s all budget friendly and great quality for the price. I love their newer putty products- their putty bronzer, Poreless Putty Primer, and Putty Blush are fabulous. You can’t go wrong with them! If you need a concealer, their 16HR Camo Concealer is amazing.

Revlon has been a classic drugstore staple for years. For good reason too, it’s great quality! Their liquid lipsticks are great and less than $10. Their PhotoReady Candid Finish Foundation has a wonderful finish and comes in a variety of shades.

I was thrilled when Target started carrying Morphe. Their eyeshadows are literally out of this world. The pigment is perfect! I love, love, love their eyeshadow palettes with 9 shades. So pretty!

NYX will forever have the best glosses to me. Their butter glosses are pure perfection. Their soft matte lip creams are also wonderful & a steal at less than $7. I also adore their tinted brow mascara.

Skincare Every Mom Needs

I will admit to being a bit of a skincare junkie. I love trying new products, from cleansers to essences and everything in between. There’s just something about opening a new skincare product. Like the promise of perfect skin, it just calls to me.

But if you’re a normal person who doesn’t feel the need to fry a million different products, keep reading. I’ve got a few must haves you should add to your line-up.

Like I mentioned earlier, sunscreen is a must. Don’t leave the house without your SPF. Not only does it protect your skin from fine lines, age spots, etc- but also skin cancer. We don’t want that, so put on that sunscreen.

This LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask is so amazing and well worth the price. Plus a little bit goes a long way! If you want soft, supple lips- you need this. I never thought I would rave about zit stickers, but life is full of surprises. These Mighty Patch blemish stickers are a GAME CHANGER. Don’t pick at your blemishes – just pop one of these little suckers on. It’ll clear that mess out in no time. I wish I’d had these as a teenager.

These under eye patches are great for helping with any puffiness you may have. Plus the box lasts forever! Everything from Versed is great and I’m so happy Target carries it now. This Clarifying Serum is magical and has worked wonders on my skin. Their moisturizer is thick but not heavy, so it’s great for locking everything in at night. I don’t do too many masks, but their Photos Please Brightening Tightening Mask is fantastic.


I hope this helps! I love talking beauty, be it new makeup trends or skincare products, so comment below what your holy grails are and if you’re going to try any of these recommendations. To shop any of these products, just click the links or the photos at the bottom of each section.

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