As summer starts to draw to a close, I’m already thinking about how I want to start decorating my home for the fall months. I have always been a fan of bohemian decor and loved the cozy and relaxing vibes that it gave off. If you are looking to create a boho fall look in your home, it can still be simple and easy! Here is how to decorate your home for a boho fall.

How to Decorate your Home for a Boho Fall

Incorporate natural elements

Fall nature is one of the most beautiful. Between fall foliage falling from the trees and pinecones covering the ground, you can find several natural elements from the outdoors to bring into your home! If you’re worried about bugs (or don’t want real life in your house), you can always purchase them from a store. Use them to decorate your mantle and add to your existing decor for a natural touch.

Add pops of orange

When most people decorate for fall, they go overboard with the oranges and whites. Use rugs, pillowcases, throws, or rugs to add those traditional fall colors to your home. These will add a little warmth to your decor and keep the boho style already in your home. Feel free to experiment with fall patterns as well; just don’t get too crazy, or it won’t give off a boho look.

Colorful pumpkins

Instead of going with your regular orange pumpkin or another orange pumpkin decor, think a little bit outside the box. You can decorate a pumpkin to turn it from a spooky decor piece into a fun decorative boho piece. Add some color and paint your pumpkins using unique decor or florals. You can still enjoy pumpkins this fall, but without it looking out of place.

Velvet pumpkins

Velvet pumpkins might sound a little bit glamorous, but they come in so many great colors that they can add a touch of fall decor to your home! While you could go with the usual orange hews, you are also free to choose purple or even gold velvet pumpkins if you’d like! These will go seamlessly with your existing decor, while still adding a nice pop of fall.

Keep it simple

As soon as the weather starts getting a little cooler, it’s easy to let your home explode with fall decor. But the trick is to keep it simple. Add a few pumpkins with your succulents (or put your plants in a pumpkin), and add a few rugs and simple, earthy pieces. This will transform your home with only a few simple changes! Try to incorporate fall decor into your home instead of placing it without any thought to what you already have in place. This is what will make your home have a boho fall look instead of a Halloween store look.

Just because you are transitioning to fall decor, doesn’t mean you have to forgo your boho decor! These tips will help incorporate some bohemian touches into your fall decor so that you can have a cozy yet stylish look for fall.

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