Spring break and summer break will be here before you know it, which means it’s time to start planning all the trips! Whether you’re traveling by bus or plane or car or train – you definitely have to be prepared when bringing the kids! I’m sharing some of my top travel essentials when taking the kids when traveling!

collage of items for traveling with kids

  1. Blow-Up Mattress: If you’re traveling with kids on a camping or outdoor trip, you might need more than a sleeping bag. This blow-up mattress is a best-seller on Amazon and is so easy to carry with you! It folds nicely into a neat little bag with the airpump!
  2. Snack Containers: Bring. All. The Snacks. You’re guaranteed to hear “I’m Hungry” 800 times more an hour than at home, it’s just a proven fact! These portable containers stack and come with spill-proof sealing lids.
  3. Packing Cubes: It’s easy to stay organized even while traveling with a great set of packing cubes! I love this collapsible set of 5, all for under $25!
  4. Paint by Sticker Books: These are awesome! Such a unique idea and an alternative to the tablet when the movie is over. There are a ton of different themes available, and great for dexterity and focus!
  5. Waterproof Phone Cases: If you’re traveling with kids to somewhere with water, these are a MUST! Don’t worry about your phone sinking to the bottom of a pool, lake, or ocean with these wearable phone zippers!
  6. Juice Box/Applesauce Containers: Those little hands can’t grab applesauce or juice boxes quite the same in a moving car! These things are not only great for in the car, but a must-have at home too!
  7. Tablet: We love the Fire Tablets because of how easy they are to use! Download your kids’ favorite games, videos, movies, and apps for easy entertainment in the car or plane! Several colors are available and a great price, too!
  8. Backseat Organizers: Store everything from snacks to crayons and markers in these over-the-seat organizers! It provides so much more storage than your average car seat or chair pocket!
  9. Simple Modern Tumblers: Drinks will stay cold in these for hours, plus the pop-up straw design makes it easy for drinks to stay contained. Easy to carry and toss!
  10. Tablet Pocket: Throw this over the headrest to prevent tiny hands from changing the Netflix movie every thirty seconds! Holds everything from phones to tablets.

Whether you’re headed to the great outdoors this summer, or maybe hunkering down on a beach in paradise, I hope these recommendations ease the travel pains! For my tips on traveling with kids and staying relaxed, see my blog post here!

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