Edible Cookie Dough is the stuff of dreams! This easy to make dessert is perfect for any day or occasion. Simple to make, this edible cookie dough is always a hit! 

ingredients to make an Edible Cookie Dough

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How is this edible cookie dough?

It’s not only because there aren’t any eggs in this edible cookie dough recipe. It’s also because the flour is baked for 5 minutes before it’s used to kill off any bacteria. Flour is technically a raw food and it contains harmful bacteria if not heated up properly. Also, raw cookie dough tastes pretty gnarly! You definitely don’t want to eat it. Yuck!

How do I serve this edible cookie dough?

Once that’s taken care of, you’re good to go on making the edible cookie dough! My kids love helping make this & it’s such a delish little treat. Add it to ice cream, cakes, make “nachos” with the cookie dough as a topping over apples or eat it on its own- so many options! No matter how you serve this edible cookie dough recipe, you’ll be sure to enjoy it. 

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