Walmart has recently collaborated with Drew Barrymore for a line of kitchen appliances, and the name of it reflects the collection completely: Beautiful. I’m obsessed with the matte look of these air fryers, toasters, blenders, and more! Most appliances come in black and white, and several of them offer green or blue options as well! Here’s a look at the Drew Barrymore collection from Walmart:

collage of Drew Barrymore collection kitchenware

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Now that you’ve seen them, aren’t they pretty?! I want to add all to my cart! I have a few of these pieces and I promise the quality is so good, too.

Alos, I love all of the gold details, especially on this pots and pans set or this electric kettle! And how good is that shade of green?! Anything from the Drew Barrymore collection is sure to look great in your kitchen or to be given as a housewarming, birthday, or holiday gift!

This air fryer has to be one of my favorite pieces – especially in this hue of blue. We use the air fryer often (check out some of my favorite recipes here!) and this one isn’t bulky at all! I also frequently use the slow cooker, especially during the winter for soups and chilis. This front-opening toaster oven or this pop-up toaster oven are great options for all things breakfast! And if you’re needing a knife-refresh, I love the look of these polished white knives!

What are your must-have kitchen appliances? If any of your kitchen essentials are needing an upgrade, I can’t recommend the Drew Berrymore Beautiful collection more! Let me know in the comments below!

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