It has been a month since the entire world moved into a state of quarantine, and my kids are starting to get a little restless. After almost a month of not being able to play with their friends, being a mom has become a much harder job. While you are stuck at home with your kids, there are a ton of ways you can get kids to be creative at home, and not all of them involve a screen! Here are some great ideas for kids to be creative at home.

Listen to Audiobooks

Audible is offering FREE audiobooks for kids and their families during this time in quarantine! Use this time to let your kids read so many books! Since going to the library isn’t an option right now, you can use audiobooks to help your kids do some reading.

Put on a Kid-Friendly Talent Show

This idea can work with your friends or just a fun family activity to do at home! Have your kids come up with a talent and then perform them! Since your kids can’t see each other right now, you can use Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime to perform if you’d like! You can even phone the grandparents to let them see the performance.

Have your Kids Do an Art Project

You don’t need a lot of special materials in order for your kids to get creative at home. There are a ton of great crafts that use recycled materials or items you might already have at home!


Here are some great ideas to get you started:


Take a Virtual Visit of a Museum

There are a ton of great museums that are offering virtual tours at home! This can be an excellent way for your kids to get some creative inspiration or learn about places they may never have the opportunity to visit! There are museums available for virtual tours all over the world, and the only limit is your internet connection!

Get Your Kids in the Kitchen

Cooking or baking is a great way to get creative at home! Your kids will love the hands-on practice and even be able to flex their creative muscles from home! You can have them decorate cupcakes, bake pies or cookies, or even help you cook dinner each night! These will not only teach your kids valuable cooking skills but help you keep them busy when they’ve grown tired of other art projects.

Have Your Kids Do a Science Experiment

There are so many easy science experiments out there that require some baking soda and a few materials you have lying around your house right now! Take a look on Pinterest, and you’ll find thousands of great science experiments your kids can do right from home!


As I mentioned earlier, you don’t need a screen to keep yourself sane during this quarantine! Most of these ideas don’t require a tablet or a TV, and you can still have a ton of creative fun at home!

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