Growing up in the 90s, we made SO many fun crafts. My mom was a Pinterest mom before that was a thing. We would make DIY Christmas ornaments and crafts galore year round, but especially around the holidays. Not only at home, but I remember making what seemed like a million ornaments at school too. Continue that 90s tradition with your own family with this fun and  simple to make DIY Christmas Ornaments.

items for DIY Mason Jar Ornament

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What do I need to make these do it yourself ornaments?

You’ll need the typical craft supplies- a hot glue gun and glue, scissors, and pencil, as well as a few other not so typical craft supplies like bakers twine, two-piece mason jar lids, cotton balls, double-sided tape, scrapbook paper, miniature trees and/or miniature characters (optional). You can grab these from Amazon, Target or Michael’s.

drawing parts of a DIY Mason Jar Ornament

How complicated is this DIY Christmas ornament?

Not complicated at all! If you can cut paper and glue it, then you can make this ornament. If you’re doing this with small children, they will need an adult to glue everything down with them since glue guns can easily burn. Otherwise this fun do it yourself craft is a great activity for kids of all ages, especially for homeschoolers and preschoolers!

Fun diy Christmas ornament made from a mason jar lid

What do I use the leftover jar for?

Maybe it’s the southerner in me, but I LOVE mason jars. I use them for so many things, but rarely do I have a need for the lids. This craft is perfect for those often forgotten and unused pieces! Use the jars for flower vases, drinking ware, pencil holders, makeup brush holders… So many potential uses!

Do you have any other do it yourself craft activities?

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Fun diy Christmas ornament made from a mason jar lid

sticking parts of the DIY Mason Jar Ornament
I have everything listed in the supply section below that you will need for this craft, but feel free to substitute things that work better for you! You can order all of these things off of Amazon or pick them up from Target, Walmart or the dollar store.

Diy Mason Jar Lid Ornament Craft

ornaments and snow

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Scissors, pencil, hot glue gun and hot glue sticks, bakers twine, two-piece mason jar lids, cotton balls, double-sided tape, scrapbook paper, miniature trees and/or miniature characters (optional).

  1. Trace the inner part of a mason jar lid on a piece of scrapbook paper for your background.
  2. Cut the circle out neatly along the line, and double-stick tape it to the inner part of a mason jar lid (tape it to the side that has the rubber ring).
  3. Apply an even line of hot glue to the inner rim of the outside pice of the mason jar lid, and place the inner portion of the lid (paper facing out)on the glued area.
  4. Pull the cotton ball apart to make it look like snow.
  5. Put in small characters and snow, without glue, to see where you want them to be. 
  6. Once your items are positioned where you want them, hot glue the snow and mini in place; let the glue set for 1 minute.
  7. Cut an 8” piece of twine, fold in half; tie the loose ends together in a small knot. 
  8. Hot glue the knot and string ends generously to the center of the backside of the ornament.

snowman ornaments for DIY Mason Jar Ornament

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