Decorating for fall with pumpkins doesn’t always have to mean the standard big orange ones!When it comes to decorating for the fall months, the first item on your list to get might be a pumpkin. If you are trying to create a more upscale fall decor look, you may be thinking that pumpkins can’t possibly make the cut. However, there are a ton of great ways you can use pumpkins to create a classy chic look throughout your home! Here is how to use pumpkins to create an upscale fall decor look in your home this fall.

Decorating for Fall with Pumpkins

Rethink the standard pumpkin

While pumpkins come in many shapes and sizes, pumpkins can also be incorporated into your decor without finding a real pumpkin. The Dollar Store and many home decor stores will sell velvet and even ceramic painted pumpkins that you can incorporate into your home decor. Velvet pumpkins will get your home decor a more glamorous feel, while ceramic pumpkins can still add a chic touch to any room.

white pumpkin and cutout pumpkins for Decorating for Fall with Pumpkins
Consider colored versus orange pumpkins

Orange pumpkins are iconic to the fall season, but there’s nothing glamorous about a regular pumpkin. If you are looking for real pumpkins this fall, consider painting them a different color. Light blue or white gives the impression of a more upscale look rather than the traditional orange pumpkin color.

Don’t make pumpkins your main decor piece

Pumpkins are large, which can make real pumpkins difficult to not make the centerpiece of your design projects. However, there are a bunch of ways you can add pumpkins subtly into your decor. When putting together a fall mantle, add a few smaller pumpkins to your design. Use a pumpkin on your front porch to create a natural pop of color to your welcome design. When added to other decor elements, pumpkins can still look upscale despite being bright orange.

 Decorating for Fall with Pumpkins in the garden
Transform your pumpkins into a beautiful vase

Colored or regular pumpkins make for an excellent flower vase! You can add mums or other flowers to your pumpkins to create a more upscale look while still incorporating fall pumpkins! You can also use them as accent pieces around a different planter if you don’t want to take the time to transform a giant pumpkin into a vase fully.

Use pumpkins to make a cozy fall retreat

Pumpkins can make a space look a little cozier! Use them on your back porch with fleece blankets and candles to create a cozy little fall retreat! When placed near a fireplace or fire pit, pumpkins can add a natural fall element while still looking cozy and intentional. If you want to bring this cozy look indoors, replace the fire pit with a fireplace and make sure not to carve the pumpkins. Uncarved pumpkins will last a lot longer.

White is the new orange

When it comes to fall arrangements, white is the new orange! Using white pumpkins instead or orange will give your fall arrangements an elegant feel to them, even if you’re using dollar store supplies! Use white pumpkins instead of orange to give your fall arrangements an upscale look, without having to go without pumpkins this year.

You don’t have to get rid of the pumpkins to have a more upscale look this fall! Use these tips to subtly hide decorating for fall with pumpkins in your home decor this fall. Follow me on Instagram for more updates.

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