I know we’re all excited about the upcoming season, and I think we should take advantage of all the holiday trends. There is nothing better than coming to a house full of decorations and getting ready for the season. I have picked out some of my favorite fall decor essentials for your home that will make you never want to leave your cozy paradise.

collage of Fall Decor Essentials

Fall Decor Essentials

Perfect Throws for Fall

An easy way to start throwing some fall decor around your home is by switching out the pillows on your couch or bed. I love this Chunky Cable Knit Throw Pillow layered with this Woven Plaid Square Pillow. If you are not ready to jump straight into the warm colors of fall, try just incorporating some neutrals. I suggest these Faye Linen Textured Pillow Covers that honestly look great year-round. Every pillow needs a blanket to go with it, and we’re thinking cozy for fall. I love this Basket Weave Knit Throw Blanket; they come in the perfect colors and are super soft for cuddles.

Table Decor for Fall

I love decorating my dining room table for the holidays. This is perfect for preparing the whole house for the season, and what’s better than a gorgeous centerpiece? For starters, this Ridge Leaf Stoneware Serving Platter is the perfect base layer for building your display. From here, we can really get to layering with this Faux Rusted Eucalyptus Fall Garland and Ceramic Bead Garland Gray. I think those two paired together would look amazing. The real show stopper of the table is this Large Ash Wood Acorn Sculpture. There is no shame in investing in some new table vases either, such as this Fairfax Handcrafted Terracotta Vase.

Entryway Decor for Fall

If you’re going to decorate anywhere in your home, it should be the entryway. This is what the world sees and should set the tone for the rest of your fall decor. Starting with the basics, is this Faux Rusted Eucalyptus Wreath. I love the deep fall color of that wreath but if you are hesitant about color, try this neutral Faux Fall Grass Cream Collection. What else can we add to the front entryway? Adding a little accent piece to your front porch can bring your fall aesthetic to a whole new level. I love this Galvanized Metal Candle Holder Lantern that you can honestly utilize year-round, but they do remind me of the fall season. Last but not least, it is fall so we need to incorporate this Small Light Woven Pumpkin.

I hope this got you in the fall mood, even if it is still 90 degrees outside. Tell me some of your favorite places to shop for fall decor in the comments! Or you can shop all of these items here:

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