Valentine’s Day is always a popular holiday among kids. I’m sure that’s partly because they get so much candy! With all the sweets that get passed around on Valentine’s Day, sometimes I like to balance the scales. Instead of handing out candy at your kid’s class party, why not do something a little bit different this year? These fun Cutie valentines are the perfect alternative to all those sweet treats your kids will be getting on Valentine’s Day.

Cutie Valentine’s for a candy free holiday!

When I’m planning the valentines my kids pass out during their Valentine’s Day party, I like to look for alternatives to candy. This fun printable valentine fits the bill! In addition to being a cute little valentine your kids can pass out to their classmates, these Cutie valentines also come with a healthy treat that’s also pretty popular with the little ones.

Since most kids love eating Cuties because they’re easy to peel and eat, I don’t think many kids would be too upset to receive this valentine instead of one with candy!

Cutie Valentine’s
And making this fun cutie valentine couldn’t be easier. In fact, it’s so simple that your kids can help put them together! The first step to making your own Cutie valentines is to print out my free printable valentine cards. I suggest printing them on card stock instead of printer paper so they are a little more durable.

After you print the cards, cut them out around the outer border. Then, hand them to your child so they can fill out the “to” and “from” sections of the cards. When each card is filled out, use a hole punch to punch a hole in the corner of each valentine.

Now that your valentines are prepared, it’s time to put the cute class gift together. Start by placing a mandarin orange inside a small treat bag. Thread a piece of twine or ribbon through the hole you punched in the corner of the valentine. Then, attach the valentine to the top of the treat bag by securing it with a bow.

Printable tag for cute valentines
How simple is that? If you’re planning on making these for a class party, you could make the preparation of all your valentines even easier by setting up an assembly line. One family member can place all the oranges in treat bags, another family member can fill out the cards, while a third family member attaches all the valentines to the bag. With this easy method, you’ll have all your cutie valentines packaged and ready to be sent to school in no time!

Cutie Valentine’s

Mandarin oranges

Printable valentines

Card stock

Small treat bags

Ribbon or twine


1. Print the printable valentines on card stock and cut out around outer edge.
2. Place the oranges inside the treat bags and tie the top with a piece of ribbon or twine.
3. Fill out the valentines, then punch a hole in the corner of each card.
4. Thread the ribbon through the hole in the card and secure it to the bag with a bow.
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Cutie Valentine’s

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