My kids love playing outside, especially when we’re all outside together.

20 fun nature crafts to do with kids

Given a choice, they would bear the cold to play outside- be it tag or a silly game of soccer.  While it can be a fun way to spend the afternoon, at some point, they have to come back inside. (& I need a break! 😂)

While my kids love being outside, they LOVE crafts just as much! I figured with fall in full swing here, we’d bring the outdoors inside for some fun nature crafts! My kids have loved nature crafts this fall, so I thought I’d share some fantastic ideas with you too!

20 Awesome Nature Crafts for Kids

Here are 20 awesome nature crafts for kids to get your kids crafting this fall.


  1. Autumn Mobile
  2. Butterfly Number Stones
  3. Leaf Hedgehog Craft
  4. Pinecone Snake
  5. Art Bugs
  6. DIY Bird Feeder
  7. Glitter Sticks
  8. Nature Bookmark
  9. Bug Hotel
  10. Wishing Bottles
  11. Nature Faces
  12. Nature Tic Tac Toe
  13. Leaf Monsters
  14. Twig Boat Craft
  15. Pinecone Owl Craft
  16. Garden Nature Art
  17. Nature Collage
  18. Painted Paper Rock
  19. Nature Paint Brush
  20. Stick People Nature Craft 

We’ve done so many of these crafts over the years and love them! You’ll have to let me know which ones are your favorites.

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