collage of Winter Activities for Kids

Winter is here, and unless you live in a place like Florida, it’s pretty chilly! It’s already gotten down to -15 here in Minnesota! During the winter months, there is less outdoor playtime, which leads to restless kids all winter long. No matter how old your kids are, having a few fun winter activities for them can be a great way to keep your little ones entertained! If you are looking for a few fun ideas for your kids, you will love these winter activities! They are all super easy to do, and they are great for kids of all ages! 

15 Winter Activities for Kids

  1. Ice Lanterns
  2. Winter Tree Nature Art Project
  3. Doily Snowman Craft
  4. Winter Snowflake Lab
  5. Paper Plate Melting Snowman
  6. Snowman Pinch Pots
  7. Winter Paper Doll Set
  8. Snow Dough
  9. Winter Cardboard Castle
  10. Winter Animals Paper Chain
  11. Winter Movement Activity
  12. Penguin Hide and Seek Game
  13. No-Sew Snowman
  14. Winter Farm Fake Snow Sensory Bin
  15. Ice Wreath Bird Feeder

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