In Facebook groups and Instagram threads, there’s many people looking for ways to ‘cut the fat’ out of their budget so they can save money. With the price of groceries and gas on the rise, and pay definitely not on the rise, everyone is out there tightening their spending. Here are 5 easy tips for anyone, from the working career woman to the stay at home mom, to save money without stress.

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5 Tips to Save Money

1. Don’t Spend What You Don’t Have

I know this seems like the obvious choice, but if you don’t have the money and can’t afford it, don’t buy it. Obviously things happen and sometimes we have to use credit cards on emergencies, but that’s not what I’m referencing. What I’m talking about is going shopping for new clothes when you don’t need new clothes, getting a $150 sushi dinner when you could make it for $30, etc… If it’s something you truly want, budget for it.

Maybe you don’t go out to eat 3x a week anymore, but 1x a week. Instead of getting new clothes from Amazon or Target every week, you wait until that item goes on sale. It’s a small way to save money, but it’s always surprising to see what extraneous things we spend our money on.

    2. Shop Sales

Pretty much every business is running sales these days. Wait to shop for non-necessities until they’re running a sale or have a discount code. Make sure to sign up for their newsletters because many businesses send their subscribers special discounts on a regular basis and usually offer a 10% to 25% off coupon just for joining! Grocery stores often send out their fliers on Wednesdays or Sundays with that week’s sales. Make sure to check those before you head to the store so you can grab what you need for a better price!

3. Meal Plan

This one ties into number 2 since it often involves utilizing the weekly circulars, but meal planning is an excellent way to save money! If you write out what you’re having for the week you can make sure you’re not only buying what you need, you’re also ensuring you won’t have any excess to throw away because you forgot about it and it expired. We’ve all been there when we throw away those forgotten bags of salad mix!

Many food bloggers release their own free weekly and monthly meal plans on their websites or charge a minimal fee if you’re a subscriber. eMeals also offers an affordable yearly rate for meal plans and they even have a way to send your grocery order to Walmart for pickup! Save money and time, score.

4. Shop Second hand

I grew up shopping secondhand and wearing hand-me-downs and I loved it! New clothes that we didn’t have to pay for? Such a win! Shopping second hand, or thrifting, is even easier now thanks to sites like ThredUp and Poshmark. You don’t even have to leave your house to snag a great deal on clothes, shoes, accessories, home decor and furniture now! I personally outfitted my home with many finds from Facebook Marketplace and my local thrift store.

Thredup runs sales regularly too, so you can save even more on top of their already low prices. Many people hesitate to shop this way, but you’d be surprised at what you find. It’s mind-boggling what people donate! I have personally found many amazing brands, like Christian Dior, Vintage Havanas, Lilly Pulitzer and more, at surprisingly low prices in fantastic shape. Some were even brand new, with tags on!

5. Utilize Free to Low Cost Entertainment

What does this one mean? Simply put, don’t spend so much on entertainment. Instead of going to the movies, rent something from Amazon or even better, watch something for free. Snag a movie from the library, borrow from a friend or watch something on of the many free streaming channels like freevee. Skip the expensive theme parks and go camping or hiking, head to the local rec center for gym classes or family swim, etc. Have your friends over for a potluck or BBQ instead of going out to eat, play board games at home instead of heading out.

There’s so many ways to have fun without dropping a dime!

No matter what, saving money shouldn’t be stressful.These easy tips to save money for moms aren’t meant to stress you out or make you feel like you’re lacking. Rather they’re here to help you find ways to tweak your budget so you have money to spend on what you actually want (or need) to spend it on.

I know I’ve personally struggled with saving money before, but always felt so accomplished when I was able to have extra leftover at the end of the month.  Let me know below in the comments what tips you’re utilizing and your favorite ways to save!

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