The best brunch spots in Savannah ga

If you’re looking for the best brunch spots in Savannah GA, Jacksonville FL, and Duluth MN, you’re in the right place! Lucky for us that every time we get to go home to Savannah, GA, there’s something new open. Mainly restaurants, so there’s always an abundance of places to try, but definitely never enough time.

With my husband being active duty military, we get to play tourist in a lot of different places. I love it! Seeing new places, trying new foods- it’s so fun. We moved from Jacksonville, FL this summer and oh man, their food scene is just stellar. The food trucks there y’all, oh my. A slew of amazing local coffee shops and brunch places…ah just thinking about it makes me smile.  

[Disclaimer- this was written in 2018. Make sure to check the websites to ensure they’re currently open & operating.]

The Best Brunch Spots in Savannah, GA

 I’d wanted to highlight some top favorite brunch/ coffee shops from a few of the places we’ve lived. If y’all are ever in Jacksonville, Savannah or Duluth, these places definitely need to be on your ‘must try’ list. Trust me, they’re so worth it. 

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We’ll start with Savannah, since it’s kind of my favorite place. I’m biased, but it’s so beautiful there. The marshes, architecture…no place like home y’all. If you ever have time for a tour to learn the history, it’s a must. 


  1. Driftaway Cafe—I’ve had so many double dates here & even celebrated my oldest’s Baptism here! Love this place. It’s a wonderful local place, with delicious Southern cuisine. 
  2. J. Christopher’s —- I went to school within walking distance to this place & have a slew of fond memories here. Seriously delish y’all.
  3. Cutters Point — just one of my fav little coffee shops in Sandfly. It’s a smaller chain out of Washington, but it feels like a cute local place.
  4. Huey’s on the River — Y’all, so good! I’ve gotten some delicious beignets from their bar on many a random night out & their brunch is out of this world. 
  5. Lili’s  —sooo good! Seriously, everything is amazing & you can’t go wrong with any dish.

The Best Brunch Spots in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL, commonly known as Jax is one of the largest cities in America. It has many niche communities or neighborhoods throughout the city, each with their own flavor. Regardless of the neighborhood, you’re sure to find amazing local restaurants, bookstores and more.  


The best brunch spots in Jacksonville fl
  1. Maple Street Biscuit Co.— They started in Jax & have locations in other states now. Savannah even has one! Y’all, when I tell you they have some of the most amazing biscuits and coffee I’ve had in my life, I’m not stretching the truth. Mind blowingly delicious. I wish they had a place in Duluth!
  2. Southern Grounds— I used to meet a friend here for coffee and oh, it was wonderful. We almost always sat outside to enjoy the breeze since it’s so close to the beach. I literally never had a bad experience here. 
  3. Jax Beach Brunch Haus— SO. GOOD. Loved their iced white mocha latte & bennis.
  4. The Ugly Cupcake— This gem opened up the first year we were living in Jax. I ended up trying it because I had a Groupon and just adored it. It’s in a pretty house close to the beach and the owner was so hands on. I won’t admit how much food I’d order every time I’d go in there.
  5. The Mini Bar– Mini donuts, varying flavors, amazing coffee. Y’all, this place checked everything. It’s relatively new, but I can’t tell you how many coffee dates I had there with friends before we moved. 
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The Best Brunch Spots in Duluth, MN

Last, but not least, Duluth, MN. Duluth has so many lovely little coffee shops & bakeries, as well as fantastic breweries. I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever lived in a place that’s had so many local ones. We were stationed in Duluth from 2018-2020 and throughly enjoyed the variety of local restaurants. 

The best brunch spots in Duluth, mn
  1. Amity- This little coffee shop is so cute! It’s probably one of the smaller ones I’ve ever been to, but it doesn’t detract from how great it is. Cozy quarters y’all. Fantastic lattes!
  2. Yellow Bike– It’s a newer place as well, but always fantastic. I love their original latte’s and scones that they bake in house. I’m not going to lie, I think my favorite part about the whole place is that they have a kid’s play room in the back. Drinking my coffee in peace for the win!
  3. Dovetail Cafe– Super new, like 2ish months old. Everything is so fresh and delicious! If you’re ever in Duluth, it’s worth a few moments to run in and grab a latte (I love their iced vanilla with almond milk!) or a one of their amazing baked goods.
  4. Amazing Grace Bakery– We just wandered into this place this summer while we were downtown and looking for a non-chain place to eat. It’s fun & quirky and oh so good. 
  5. Vanilla Bean– I love their maple latte and wild rice burger! There’s two locations, one in Duluth and the original in Two Harbors. We’ve tried both and they were about the same to me. The one in Duluth is much larger. 

No matter which place you choose on this list of best brunch spots, regardless of the city you’re visiting, you’re sure to be pleased! All of these towns, from Savannah & Jacksonville to Duluth, have so much to offer locals & visitors alike. 

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