You’re dying to go on vacation, but you don’t know if it’s possible with kids. Good news- it totally is! Take it from me, I have littles of my own! Start packing your bags because there are vacation destinations that both you and your kids will love!

*Drumroll please*

The 3 best places to vacation with kids are… 

Orlando, FL

Let’s start with the most obvious, Orlando! Orlando is the mecca center for vacationing with kids. With a plethora of theme parks to choose from, your kids will constantly be entertained. And a bonus, they’ll be completely tuckered out and ready for bed early so you and your partner can have some quiet time in the evenings! Besides Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios, there are other smaller theme parks your kids will enjoy, like Discovery Cove. 


At Discovery Cove, your kids will have an unforgettable experience swimming and interacting with dolphins! If theme parks aren’t your thing, Orlando has a ton of other activities for you, from the Crayola Experience to the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens. The zoo offers activities like feeding the giraffes, and even rhinoceros encounters. No matter what you’re looking for, Orlando has something for everyone. And don’t forget, there’s nothing wrong with hanging out at the hotel pool all day!  If you aren’t into theme parks, check out the science museum. It’s one of our top favorites in the country! You can’t beat the 3 floors packed with fun and the air conditioning y’all. It’s glorious after spending a day out in the blistering Florida sun. 


Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga is not a place a lot of people consider a “vacation destination,” but they should! Especially when traveling with kids! Chattanooga is a small, super cute city with lots of things to do. Chattanooga offers a wide range of outdoor activities like rock climbing, hiking, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Stop by L2 Outside, conveniently located right downtown, to rent kayaks or paddleboards. They’ll even take them down to the water for you. You can also rent a pontoon boat for a fun day on the Tennessee River! 

The Tennessee Aquarium also makes for a fun outing your kids will love. For something different, head out to Ruby Falls, the nation’s tallest and deepest underground waterfall. Take a lantern tour of the cavern and falls, and then head to High Point Zip Adventure for some zip-lining! Plus, stop by Lookout Mountain Tower for an awesome view. The food is top-notch in Chattanooga as well! Seriously, we love trying new places and loved the handful of restaurants we tried when we were in town. If your family loves the outdoors, Chattanooga is the vacation destination for you. 

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco has a little bit of everything and lots of things to do with kids. The perfect weather alone is enough of a reason to go, not to mention how beautiful the city is. To enjoy the weather, go to Fisherman’s wharf for great views and plenty to do and see. With great seafood restaurants, shops, museums, street entertainers, and an aquarium, the whole family is sure to have a good time. Don’t miss Pier 39 to see the famous sea lions basking in the sun. For a one of a kind experience, plan a visit to Alcatraz. Alcatraz has been a civil war fort, military prison, and a federal penitentiary. Take a ferry over to the island for either a day or a night tour, where you explore the inside of Alcatraz while listening to an audio presentation. My mom and I took my older two when they were toddlers. Pushing a double stroller up those hills was a SERIOUS workout y’all! 

Other fun things to do around the city include: seeing the golden gate bridge, playing on the playground in Golden Gate Park, riding a cable car around the city, visiting Ghirardelli Square (the best chocolate!!), visiting the San Francisco Zoo, and driving down Lombard Street, also known as the crooked Street. San Francisco makes for a great family vacation, no matter how old your kids are. Fun story, when we lived in Alameda (adorable little town across the water from SF), we drove down Lombard Street countless times! So fun to see as a passenger, but not crazy fun to drive down with all the tourists walking around. 


So, what are you looking for on your family vacation? Theme Parks, outdoorsy activities, or fun in the city? Whether you go to Orlando, Chattanooga, or San Francisco, you’ll be sure to have a fun filled vacation perfect for the whole family. Bon voyage! 


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