A list of family friendly activities for kids of all ages in Duluth, Minnesota We’ve been lucky enough to live all over the country thanks to the hub’s career. Duluth has been interesting since the winter’s here are so cold, but the snow is beautiful! There’s endless hiking trails here, which are amazing during the summer too. Seriously, these are a must do if you’re in the area.

Duluth, MN…The prettiest little town in Northern Minnesota

The Aquarium

We love the aquarium! Everyone is super friendly,  you can bring food in, it’s open and airy. There’s a good bit to do and it has amazing views. You can easily spend 2-3 hours here with no problem.

The Duluth Children’s Museum

The kid’s museum is so fun! It’s great for toddlers and elementary school aged kids.

The Skywalk

We love the Skywalk in winter when it’s really cold! We’ve never lived anywhere that had one, so the kids thought it was incredibly exciting to walk through buildings and above the streets. So pretty at Christmas time too!

The Lakewalk

This is a must do in warmer temps before it snows! Miles of a gorgeous walking path from Lakeside all the way down to the shoreline. It’s so busy in the summer when school is out! We love taking strolls on it.

Hartley Nature Center

One of our favorite places to hike in town! There’s a fun little kids play area set up in an enclosed area that all 3 of the littles enjoy. I personally love the trails, although the kids don’t really enjoy hiking.


Va Bene Cafe is such a good locally owned Italian cafe! We could eat there everyday and not get sick of it. SO delicious!

Hanabi is one of our favorite Japanese restaurants. The sushi is always amazing!

OMC is right across the street from Love Creamery, so you can get dinner than wander across the road for dessert. We love good BBQ & they have so many amazing entrees!

Love Creamery is a local ice cream shop. The flavors are all super unique and incredibly delicious! It’s a hit with kids of all ages.

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